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  1. iaindrum

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    ABC Music Harrogate are Hosting a night of drums on Thursday 30th March @ 7.00pm.
    The masterclass will feature top session drummer Craig Blundell who started of in the royal marines and since leaving has drummed with Celine Dion, Chris Rea, Mike and the mechanics, The real thing, The drifters, michael ball and also does most of the session drumming seen on all tv work.
    As a drummer myself and have seen Craig before I would recommend any drummer of any age to see this guy as he is truely awesome.
    Also on the night will be the 2005 young drummer of the year finalist and the Harrogate youth jazz orchestra.
    tickets are on sale and selling really fast so to avoid disapointment call 01423 817700 to get your ticket now, or call to ask any questions.
    Thursday 30th March
    Manhattan snooker club
    starts 7.00pm
    tickets £6
    call 01423 817700 for details
  2. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    "Hit this one at the same time as this one, make sure you only kick this one half as many times though". Here endeth todays lesson!!!

    Sorry, I jest. Sounds like a great idea :tup
  3. iaindrum

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    ha ha ha ha,i was wondering how long till the drum jokes came out,however after recording a trombone solo cd all weekend listening to shed builders all night seems like a walk in the park.
    Iain Wilson
  4. AndyCat

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    Saw Craig as a warmup for Greg Bissonette last year in Leeds, he was pretty good. Not quite up to Bissonette's standards though, in either playing or handling a clinic!

    Should be a good night though, and not just for drummers either. I don't play drums but have been to clinics by the 2 aforementioned players, as well as Steve Smith, Zoro, Simon Phillips, Ed Thigpen and Dave Weckl. You can always learn something!
  5. brassneck

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    Last session drummer I saw was Billy Cobham ... didn't need a clinic as his performance was a tonic for all who went!

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