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  1. stejames

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    **FOR SALE**


    (Chrome edition) - £600.00

    B.D. 22'' x 17'' - Remo Weatherking Powerstroke 3 Head
    F.T. 16'' x 16'' - Remo Weatherking Pinstripe Head
    T.T. 13'' x 12'' - Remo Weatherking Pinstripe Head
    T.T. 12'' x 11'' - Remo Weatherking Pinstripe Head

    Also comes with....

    Premier steel shell snare 14'' x 6'' - Evans Genera hd Head (this was one of the best snares premier did when i got it. Its not just a cheap one you get thrown in with kits when you buy them!)
    Comes with Pearl Hardware, stands, stool, etc. as shown in the pics. (Bass drum pedal does have crack in it but works fine).


    14'' AA Sabian Rock Hats
    14'' AAX Sabian Studio Crash
    16'' AA Sabian Rock Crash
    20'' AA Sabian Rock Ride

    The Kit does NOT come with the Paiste color sound crash, the sabian splash or the HHX Sabian cymbals that are in the pictures. These have been sold separately.

    But the kit does come with a full set of Soft Fur Lined Protection Racket Drum Cases as shown in the picture. These were not cheap when I got them!!!

    The Drum kit is used but in good condition! Any viewings are welcome! This is a really nice drum kit and I am only selling it as I am emigrating to Australia this summer. You will not be disappointed with this kit!!

    Phone: Ste James on: 07923 843 313 after 5pm or

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    That is prob one of the best snare drums ever made, I still use one now after years of searching for one. its a premier 2000 from about 1967 and they are worth about £200 alone and going up in price as premier dont make anything in England anymore. so who ever buys this lot is getting a right piece of kit.

  3. stejames

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    Hi Iain,

    Yeh it is a really good snare! Espetialy for brass banding coz the snare goes on and off with nearly no noise from the snares!

    Keith Moon also used to play one of these snares!!! So they cant be bad hey ;-)
  4. BbBill

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    Now that is abit bling!!!!!!
  5. stejames

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    hah I suppose you could say that lad! ;)
  6. stejames

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    Reduced To £500!!!!

    I HAVE NOW REDUCED THE PRICE TO £500ono!!!!!!!!!!