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  1. deezastar

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    i need some advice

    these girls i know take ecstacy and are gettin other people involved in takin it too can anyone help, what should i do cos im worried that people will end up ill or even worse, like leah betts.

    Dee x
  2. frisp

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    Look after yourself, don't get involved!

    Remember though that very few people die from taking ecstasy.

    If you know who their dealers are tell Crimestoppers 0800 555 111-you can even get a reward
  3. deezastar

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    im not getting involved i just overheard a conversation and wondered what i should do if i tell they'll think i was being nosey but if i don't if something happens then i'll have known about it.
  4. Moy

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    Good advice.
  5. frisp

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    That's why I'm saying if you want to tell someone tell Crimestoppers, it's totally anonymous!
  6. floral_dance

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    I agree with Frisp
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    Tell your parents (If you feel you can) or a teacher at school. Letting an independent adult bring the problem out will mean you have done the right thing but don't get all the hassle from your mates. Remember, you aren't snitching, you may be saving a life.

  9. BottyBurp

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    I agree.
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    Some good advice here. Whatever you do please don't let them make you take it too. It's not as cool as all that and you will regret it later. I'm still struggling to give up smoking, 20 years after my school "friends" persuaded me it was cool and hard and clever...
    Samaritans can sometimes help you sort your head out about things like this although they can't do anything about the other people involved.
  11. Kari Anson

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    Firstly many congratulations in being responsible and mature enough to want to do something about this. You appear to be extremely level headed about the situation so I'm confident that the tmp community can have faith in you and be confident that you will not be drawn into the weary world of drugs - please don't proove me wrong.

    Both my brother and cousin died through their involvement in drugs and although someone said that ecstacy (not sure if that's spelt correctly) doesn't actually cause that many deaths, it can lead to further addiction on drugs that can most certainly lead to death. You have a right to be concerned.

    You must not bear the responsibility or possible future guilt for having this knowledge. Frisp provided excellent advice and if you do know the dealers etc I would definitely urge you to persue this. It's completely annonymous and confidential and you can have a clear conscience that you have done something positive to combat crime in this area. Furthermore I would definitely urge you to confide in a trusted adult, that way you are releasing the burden from yourself (the responsible adult will then take the situation and deal with it) and you can sleep safely knowing that you have done all that you can.
  12. deezastar

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    thankx for all the advice! I'm getting it sorted kinda!!
  13. i went out with a lad i know at half term and some of his friends sortof met up with us and he started handing round cigarettes. i was really shocked because i didn't know he smoked. he then tried to get me to smoke and he told me taht he takes cannabis all the time. then he asked me if id ever tried it, which i haven't because i don't want to and anyway none of my friends do. when i told him this he said that none of his friends had but he started them on it. his parents don't know and my friend found out and is threatening to tell my mum, who would kill me if she found out.
    the trouble is i really like him but i don't want to start taking drugs. i know he would never make me but i feel like i should do something about it. can u halp?? :cry: :?
  14. drummergurl

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    :shock: oooooo that is a really difficult situation!! my first response to it was dump him, but then i read it again and i really dont know what to say! :(
  15. akwarose

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    hmm.... difficult. i know u sed he would never make u get involved, and i'm sure directly he wouldnt, but indirectly he could be playin on ur subconcious to some degree that you end up doin it anyway. u obviously really like him, and altho i personally would dump him i appreciate you may not want to. all i can say is please dont be blinded by love and end up gettin involved with drugs, its not worth the risk.
    take care
    sam x
  16. WhatSharp?

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    Sorry if it sounds hard but this one line speaks volumes about the sort of person he is. Stay well away is my advice, it may be hard but at the end of the day you know hes just going to keep pushing. After all hes done it to all his other "friends".

    Sounds like your friend has your interests at heart, you may well be ticked off with your friend for "shopping" you but at least they show concern.
  17. Big Twigge

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    No amount of peer pressure is worth what little so called respect you may gain from the people around you. Most of us will have been in a similar situation when friends may be smoking dope etc.
    It's their choice, worry about them second look after yourself first.

    Having studied pharmacology (well partially!) at uni I got shown the lists and lists of adverse effects from so called 'safe drugs' such as paracetamol.
    There's a reason why drugs are illegal, its not to stop people having fun, its because it can destroy you. Some drugs are cut with glass, sand and all sorts, one of the biggest risks with drugs is that you never know what you're getting.

    Rant over, sorry if I sound like a stupid mare with little sympathy...I'm not!Stick to your guns over this one, in my opinion nothing is worth the risk of not.
  18. floral_dance

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    Big Twigge you do not sound like a stupid mare at all, you sound like a young woman who has her head screwed on right, if only more young people had your sense, (hope this does not sound patronising because it is not meant to).
  19. i know where you're coming from and i wud end it with him but despite his drugs problem i really like him. thanks though. :?
  20. Just don't get involved yourself if you don't want to.

    At the end of the day it's their decision what they take, not yours, no matter how stupid they are for doing so.