Drug Addicts Given Free Toon Tickets

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Bass Man, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Bass Man

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    Hi All

    I heard this on the radio on my way to work and I have just read this article online.

    How do people feel about this? Do those of you who attend football matches, paying your hard earned money for a ticket, approve of this?

    Is this is further proof that crime does pay or do you really think that this will this really help rehabilitate drug users?
  2. Thirteen Ball

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    Brighouse, Yorkshire
    One of the major obstacles to a drug user's rehabilitation and eventual clean slate, is the feeling of exclusion from society. It's one reason why it's sometimes so difficult to persuade people away from drug culture as at least they feel at home there.

    Association with a football club might help them to feel part of something again. There are few things that give as powerful a sense of identity as a football club - and we as fans stick with them through thick and thin, win or lose. Something else an addict can learn from football and particularly newcastle united is that - no pun intended - quick fixes don't work!

    The club has given away four season tickets to the scheme at a combined value probably in the region of £2500. That's not very much - and could make a real difference to some people's lives.

    Personally I think it's a good thing. Any meaningful rehab projects are desperately needed as without them, the police are can only take junkies off the street and throw them in jail - which doesn't resolve the situation at all. It overcrowds prisons, where drugs are usually available anyway, and takes the police off other duties such as the recent rising trend in violent and gun crime - and even arresting the dealers who sold them the dope in the first place.

    PS - a bit deep and meaningful for my 1200th post there!
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