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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Griffin, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Griffin

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    Contest - 46th Annual Invitation Entertainment Contest

    Date: 25-Sep-2004
    Start time:

    Dronfield Sports Centre, Civic Centre
    Dronfield Derbyshire : Tel: 01246 416166
    S18 1PD

    Just a little plug for support. 3 Bands - Stannington - Riddings - er.. and someone else (forget who - sorry guys!)

    If anyone's in the area come and have a nosey! [​IMG]

    Griffin. [​IMG]
  2. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    I think the other band is Bollington from Manchester way. Good luck.
  3. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    Thats the one!!

    Cheerz [​IMG]
  4. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Tim might like to know that they have an Andrew Silman on 2nd trom on there website, who used to play at Dronfield with him:D .
  5. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    I'll let him know - We're all going out tonite for a p**s-up er... I mean socialiser!

    Are you going?
  6. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Yes will be there supporting you, but shouldn't you be doing the celebrating tomorrow when you eventually win this contest?:D
  7. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    Im just practicin'

    Just avin' an Italian and a few bevvies - nowt much.

    But I'll c u in the bar tomorrow - regardless of the result!!
  8. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member


    1 Riddings
    2 Stannington
    3 Bollington
    Best soloist - Richard Dowling - Stannington
  9. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Has anyone any idea what each band played??????
  10. Griffin

    Griffin Active Member

    All I can tell you is what we played

    Barnum & Bailey's...
    My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose (cornet Solo)
    I Know Thou Art Mine

    Riddings played Cartoon Music, Hymn from The Firebird..
    Thats all I can remember.. Bit of a haze after we played;)
  11. timbloke

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    I know Bollington played the Gael, Shaft and their trombone solo was... d'oh it'll come to me in the end!!
  12. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    That'll be Stardust then by Hoagy Carmicheal.
  13. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    In the adjudicators summing up at the end of the Dronfield Contest, Roy Roe questioned the suitability of the choice of bands' solo features; My Love is Like a Red Red Rose, Stardust and a jazzy Salvation Army number that was played by Riddings. The question he posed was "where are the euphonium soloists and air varies?".

    Now considering this was an entertainments contest and 90% of the audience were actual bused in on free OAP tickets supplied by the District Council does anyone else think the bands were wrong in choosing lighter pieces for their solo items? I know banders like to be impressed by the technical playing but surely in a 25 minute programme the opportunity to use an air varie would be limited on time alone.

    Just for the record totally agreed with the adjudicators result, not questioning that, just wondering why he should feel the need to comment on the lack of a particular style of solo.
  14. squirrel

    squirrel Member

    Roy should have adjudicated last year, when there was a Euphonium soloist from Nottingham City Transport (Ian McCormack) and I played Zelda.

    But that's life I guess.