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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by JesTperfect!, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    I'm pretty new here, but think I have a good idea for a new thread!!

    I did a joint concert the other evening (my band, an orchestra, danncers, drama, etc) which Prince Edward attended. Afterwards, I was one of the 'lucky' few picked to meet him.
    When he saw us in our dashing uniforms, he said

    'ah, so this is the band! where are the rest of you, at the pub?'

    which, of course, they were. and where I would have been had I not been bullied into representing the rest of them!

    So I was wondering-is his perception of banding founded?
    • are we ALL a bunch of alcoholics?
    • DO we all head straight for the pub after practice?
    • have ANY of us never got drunk at a contest?
    • ARE there any teetotal bandsmen out there?
    I invite you all to share your drinking memories, be they funny, shameful, contest-affecting.........anything!
  2. hellyfrost

    hellyfrost Member

  3. BrianT

    BrianT Member

    Not teetotal (don't like tea very much) but I did a concert tour to the continent some years ago, and every round of drinks I had a coffee instead. I had no problems concentrating on the music after that...
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  4. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I would have told Prince Edward where to go. But I did that about 10 years ago and he didn't seem phased.
  5. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member


    Maybe I should have tried that!
  6. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Did you think he was up for standing a round then Duncan? ;)
  7. It was Prince Andrew Jess!! The one who got married to the one who wrote Budgie the little helicopter.

    I must confess I get drunk at pretty much every contest! my favourite memory was downing two bottles of wine at London last year with the Sop plyer from St Dennis then attempting to go AWOL in the streets of london, I then proceeded to be carried to my room fell out the lift and grazed my head.
  8. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Unfortunately I can't remember them, don't know why......................
  9. flugtastic

    flugtastic Member

    there is only the select few of my band who go to the pub after contests..... mainly because our band is a very young band and all the parents also play in the band :D
  10. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Usually at a contest with my band, there is only one person in the hall for the results because the rest are in the bar. Not good if you win, you get one cheer:woo :bounce

    And the rest of the audience just sit there and you look an idiot:oops:
  11. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Just look at my Drinking At The Moment thread;)
  12. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    It was Prince Edward Saggers!!

    I'm well aware of you going awol at London, it was me who was frantically combing the streets looking for you!

    And where did we find you? throwing up in the toilet at BURGER KING.

    Nice Saggers. Very nice!
  13. jim

    jim Member

    Iv done to many stupid things to even rember them all!!! aspecially since being in PolySteel! I rember giving away my walking out jacket to somwon in St Austall at Yevol one year and I never got it back! (had a right telling off for it)

    Flooding my bathroom in a hotel at the Europeans with Tredegar in Belgium 2002 ill never forget that one.!!
  14. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    yuo say that about polysteel....were you possibly the guy that tried to swap ties with me at yeovil last year?! - i play for camborne!
    if so, sadly, i wasnt quite as drunk as you, otherwise i may have made the swap!
  15. jim

    jim Member

    Possble I seem to have a collection fo ties! but well that must be the drunkest I have ever been didn't listen to my mum and drank all day on an empty stomach, I think we followed you guy's on didnt we? I didnt drink at the area I must have got hie on coke as I drove.
  16. bbg

    bbg Member

    Are there any teetotal bandsmen?

    Yes - me!

    Also, given the number of serving SA bandsmen currently playing with contesting bands as well, there must be quite a few others.....
  17. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    Me too
    I was contesting for a while, Not at the moment though
  18. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    ah, a good point! perhaps I should think my threads through properly before I start them!!
  19. I'm teetotal too. Not SA either. I just don't drink, never have, never want to. 1. I don't like the taste of anything I've tried. 2. Can't be bothered.
    3. While I have no objection to bandsmen drinking (after they have played), I don't see the point or attraction.
  20. groovy

    groovy Active Member

    I have to say I had enjoyed a drink or two on Saturday before having to head up on stage as band rep - I hope there isn't an embarrassing photo on 4br!

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