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  1. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Many thanks Carlos (crafty cornet), your help on sunday was appreciated!

    Must say i have been with the band for just over 2 months, and i feel welcomed and very much at home there.

    One thing I did notice was the level of commitment and dedication shown by all members of the band, the bums on seat percentage is practically 100% before each practice starts.

    Be nice to hear from anyone interested in coming down, just sit in on a rehearsal, see what you think!
  2. winterman

    winterman Member

    Eb Bass position filled

    I am pleased to announce that the Eb Bass position has now been filled :D . Details will be announced in the near future!

    2nd Trombone is still available up to press.
  3. winterman

    winterman Member

    Drighlington, Yorkshire, Championship - Euphonium, 2nd Trombone, Bb Bass

    Drighlington Brass Band, based less than 2 minutes from J27 of the M62, between Leeds and Bradford are currently seeking a 2nd Euphonium, 2nd Trombone and a Bb Bass player to complete our hard working, friendly and committed line-up.

    Forthcoming events for the band include Brighouse March & Hymn Contest, Durham Miners Gala (including participation in the service at Durham Cathedral), an internet radio broadcast, potential CD recording and an ever growing range of high profile and prestigious concerts across the region, we are also looking to attend at least one other major contest this year.

    If you are interested in any of the above positions and wish to join a hard working, friendly yet determined Championship Section band then don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Please contact either myself by mobile on 07701098988, email on mic(at)drigband.com or via Private Message for more information.

    Visit our website at http://www.drigband.com to find out more about the band!
  4. Di B

    Di B Member

    Went to help out this band over the weekend and had a great time.

    Would recommend any players in the area to go down and have a blow if they are looking to change bands - I'd join tomorrow if I didn't live 85 miles away!
    They are a very sociable bunch and have 2 locals - one that is dirt cheap and the other with late night opening and free sandwiches - you don't need anything more from a band!

    Special thanks to Mic for the chips and compliments and Moira and Pete for offering accomodation over the weekend and making me feel so welcome :)
  5. winterman

    winterman Member

    More updates - Low brass - Where are you all?!

    It is with some sadness that the band need to announce the retirement of Peter Rhodes (Bass Trombone) and Moira Tyas (Eb Bass) who are taking indefinite leave from banding due to family commitments. We wish both all the very best for the future and are glad that they will still be joining with us socially when time allows.

    The band are now seeking the following:

    2nd Euphonium, 2nd Trombone, Bass Trombone, Eb Bass and Bb Bass

    If you play any of these and would like to join a Championship Section band (1st Section as of 2008 ) that are hard working yet social and experience exciting challenges in the near future get in touch now, we would love to hear from you. The band are currently getting involved in a few very exciting projects, so NOW is the time to get on board!

    Shift workers and students are made more than welcome with a good understanding and acceptance of the challenges both situations bring.

    University students are always welcome so if you are coming to study at Leeds, Bradford or Huddersfield in September we are perfectly situated to accommodate your banding (and drinking) requirements! :D

    Contact myself on 07701 098988, by PM or by email to vacancies@drighlingtonband.co.uk in strictest confidence if you are at all interested and why not come down for a blow one night just to see! :D
  6. Just want to say best wishes to peter and moira, 2 very friendly members of this friendly band around, I can only 2nd the good stuff that has been mentioned about Drig already, so if theres anyone who can fill those seats then go for it!
  7. winterman

    winterman Member

    Vacancies update:

    The band are pleased to announce that our 2nd Euphonium and 2nd Trombone vacancies have been filled! More details to follow regarding these positions.

    We are still on the look out for Bass Trombone, Eb Bass and Bb Bass!

    Forthcoming events for 2007:

    Leicester Contest (possibly a further one a well), an international internet radio broadcast, numerous local concerts covering the region including Oldham, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, a busy and prestigious Christmas season including Cartwright Hall, Allerton Castle (of ITV fame), Bramham Park and many more.
  8. winterman

    winterman Member

    We are also seeking a percussionist (either tuned or kit or preferably both) to join our existing team of two.
  9. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    Drighlington Brass Band requires.....

    Drighlington brass band require a first class Eb bass player to add to their permanent line up.
    We rehearse in the village of Drighlington,just off J27 of the M62,on mondays and thursdays 7.45-9.30.
    We are a social band who like to get together for a drink and some fun after each practice.
    Anyone interested should pm me for more information.
    We have loads of fantastic and prestigeous engagements lined up for 2008.
    Come down for a blow and give us a go!!!!!

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  10. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    Due to unforseen circumstances Drighlington Brass Band now require the services of a first class solo horn player as well as an Eb bass player.
  11. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    The Eb Bass position has been filled,but we still require a first class horn player to fill the Solo Horn chair for the Areas on March 2nd.The ideal candidate would be able to commit to the band on a permanent basis and not just for Bradford,although this would be considered.
    pm myself or Winterman for more details.
  12. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    Unfortunately,the Eb bass player we thought we had signed has now decided,for family reasons, to go to another band closer to home.We therefore require the services of a first class Eb player for after the Areas in March.This is as well as a Solo Horn,which we require with immediate effect.
    We are a very friendly 1st section band with big ambitions to get back to the lofty heights of the Championship section at the first attempt.
    So,if you fancy a challenge,either pm me at tMP or contact me by email at;

  13. ChrisHelme

    ChrisHelme Member

    Drighlington Vacancies.....

    Hello Everyone

    We are currently looking for an Eb Bass, BBb Bass and a solo horn to fill our empty seats. Ideally we would like this to happen before our performance at the 1st section area contest at Bradford.

    But if you are looking for a change after the areas why not give our MD Kevin Belcher a call on 07963-650460 or alternatively e-mail me at
    enquiries@chrishelme-brighouse.org.uk for an initial and inconfidence chat.

    We rehearse Monday and Thursday 7.45pm to 9.30pm at our King Street, Drighlington bandroom.

    We look forward to hearing from you

    Chris Helme
  14. ChrisHelme

    ChrisHelme Member

    One Down Two To Go

    Hello Everyone

    We have now filled our Eb bass position, thanks to all those who contacted us.
    It does however now mean we only have vacancies for both a solo horn and BBb bass player to complete our team for the areas.
    If you are interested in a chat about these vacancies please contact MD Kevin Belcher on 07963-650460 OR Chris Helme on
    e-mail: enquiries@chrishelme-brighouse.org.uk
    We are busy with James Cook - Circumnavigator and concert programmes and would like to hear from you.


    Chris Helme
  15. ChrisHelme

    ChrisHelme Member

    Drighlington Band

    Are you looking for a change now the areas are over for another year - well if you are the Drighlington Band, (a first section band, 7th at Bradford) is looking for a solo horn player and a BBb bass player to complete our summer concert team.

    We rehearse Monday and Thursday 7.45pm - 9.30pm

    If you would like a chat, please contact the musical director Kevin Belcher at 07963-650460 or Chris Helme on e-mail: enquiries@chrishelme-brighouse.org.uk

    We look forward to hearing from you

    Chris helme
  16. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    Due to some restructuring of the cornet section a vacancy resently arose for a third cornet player.
    This was filled by Kath Hulme who is returning to banding after a short break due to family commitments.
    We rae still looking for a bass and a horn player.
  17. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Front Row Cornet / Bb Bass / Solo Horn / Percussion

    Drighlington band require the services of a Front Row Cornet player, a Bb Bass, a Solo Horn and a 3rd Percussionist (ideally with some kit experience).

    We currently enjoy a 20+ dedicated turnout to rehearsals and would welcome anyone who fancies having a crack at the above positions.

    We have a busy but sensible calender of concerts and contests, and are ideally situated close to the M62/M621 between leeds and bradford in our own bandroom.

    Rehearsals are Monday and Thursday evenings.

    Come on now, don't be shy!!!

    PM for more details
  18. winterman

    winterman Member

    2nd Trom, Bass, Percussion and Front Row Cornet - Drighlington wants you!

    Due to various changes in circumstance and work/family commitments, Drighlington are on the look out for the following players:

    Front Row Cornet (Principal Chair may be considered for the right candidate)
    2nd Trombone
    Eb Bass
    Bb Bass
    Percussion (particularly Kit, but all are more than welcome, our percussionist gets a bit lonely on her own)

    Drighlington is ideally located off J27 of the M62 between Leeds and Bradford with excellent access from most locations via the M62 and major A roads.

    As stated previously we enjoy a solid regular attendance of 20+ to rehearsals of all ages and perform regularly at many varied concert venues throughout the year, also a well established and popular 10 piece ensemble, a growing Youth Band and Learners group who are now back actively performing after a few years of rebuilding.

    If you are interested then get in touch (either PM me here or via email to mic@drighlingtonband.co.uk) and come down for a blow and friendly post rehearsal pint.

    We are also at Durham Miners Gala this Saturday so feel free to introduce yourself to any of the band (We'll be labelled up properly with our fetching blue blazers) and have a chat with us there.
  19. winterman

    winterman Member

    We are pleased to announce that our Front Row Cornet vacancy has now been filled :D
  20. winterman

    winterman Member

    Update to our requirements.

    Drighlington are currently seeking the following to complete our team.

    2nd Trombone
    Eb/Bb Bass
    Kit Percussionist

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