Driffield Silver Band, East Yorkshire, Non Contesting

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  1. Further Update

    We have just lost three cornet players to University, so we could be doing with some support throughout the section.

    The Bb Bass, and Percussion section vacancies are still there too. We definately welcome applicants for these positions too.

    If you want to come join us - on any instrument - please PM me and we'll do our best to accomodate you!!

  2. October Update

    Driffield Silver Band now has two cornet vacancies - positions negotiable, a Bb Bass vacancy, and we are still lacking any percussion players.

    The band has some fantastic soloists and a great working atmosphere, so we are looking to complement our existing set up with additional dedicated personnel.:clap:

    Anybody living and working in East Yorkshire, Hull, Scarborough or even York is within reasonable travelling time to Driffield.

    Please get in touch to find out more, or visit our website.:D
  3. November 2011 Update


    Our other Bb Bass player has managed to get himself a job in Switzerland and feels that the commute is a little taxing! So we now need 2 Bb Basses.:oops:

    We are also looking for a couple of cornet players - positions negotiable, and also a percussion section too.

    Any interest please PM me!
  4. December 2011 Update

    Here we are again and not a lot has changed!

    Positions where we could do with dedicated new members;

    Cornets (x2)
    Bb Basses (x2)
    Percussion - whole section

    Come and join us - take a look at our website!
  5. January 2012 - Happy New Year

    Into the new year, here is our January update :-

    We have had interest in the cornet vacancies! :clap: Watch this space for more details...

    We still require Bb Basses x2 and a resident percussion section.

    Other players are definitely made welcome, as a new player or as a visitor.
  6. Feb 2012 Update

    Hello again - just another update -

    We have had a few enquiries to cover the cornet positions, though we are still in need of Bb Basses and percussion.

    Anybody else wishing to join us for a blow will be very welcome.
  7. March 2012 update

    :clap: We have had a Bb Bass player join us, so we are now only looking for 1 of those!

    Percussion is still our greatest area of need. We still have none of our own.

    If anybody knows of a percussionist near to Driffield who would play for us on a regular basis, please get in touch.

    Thanks everyone!
  8. April 2012 Update

    :D The same old story for us, we still need a Bb Bass Player and a percussion section.

    Even if you want to play with us and are not able to fill one of these vacancies, please come along anyway. All other players are made very welcome - we are a friendly bunch.:tup
  9. May 2012 Update

    Things have moved on for us now.

    We now have two BBb Bass players :clap: however we now need another Horn player as well as a percussion section.

    Anybody interested in joining our band, please PM me or contact us through the website.
  10. June 2012 Update

    We have another horn player now :clap:.

    We are still in dire need of a percussionist or two. So anybody who can come along to join us would be made very welcome indeed.

    All other players are welcome to join or come down for a blow too!
  11. August 2012 Update

    We are now on the look out for another BBb Bass player and a percussion section.

    As we are not a contesting band, we are still interested in any other players who wish to come along to join us - the standard lineup is not important to us.

    Check out our website to see what programmes we have played at our concerts, and to get an idea of who we are.

    PM me in confidence for more details.
  12. September update

    Our update this month is the same as last month...

    We still need a BBb Bass and a percussion section.

    We are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you are a player of brass or percussion and want to try out a brass band, please come along.

    Visit our website to find out more.
  13. November Update

    Since my last post we have had a new Eb Bass player and a new Cornet player :clap:, however we are still in need of a BBb Bass player and a percussion section too.

    All players of any instrument will also be made very welcome!
  14. December 2012 Update

    We are a growing band, and are continuously looking for new talent.

    We would like to invite applications from BBb Bass players, Percussionist/Drumkit players and also cornet players (position negotiable).

    All abilities are welcome, and any enquiries can be made in confidence through a PM here or through our website.

    You will find us a friendly bunch, but be prepared to work towards some fantastic concert performances!
  15. 2013 - An update at last!

    It is now March, and I have not updated since last year, so here is what has happenned so far this year;

    We have recruited cornets, horns, trombone and basses so far this year:clap:. Here is our current lineup.

    1 x Soprano
    5 x solo cornets
    2 x rep
    3 x 2nd cornets
    2 x 3rd cornets
    1 x Flugel
    4 x horns
    4 x baritones
    5 x trombones (inc. 2 x bass trom)
    3 x Euphoniums
    4 x Eb Bass
    2 x Bb Bass

    We are still missing a percussion section! There must be someone who lives nearby who'd welcome the challenge of playing with us!

    And while you are here, our website has just been modernised - so take a look - www.driffieldband.com :p
  16. Further Update - March 2013

    We have a novice kit player who could really do with a guiding hand on the percussion section. So please step forward someone who could help him out...

    You know when you think you are onto a good thing, then a spanner falls into the works...

    We now require the services of a Solo Horn Player. Our regular player is off on maternity and the stand-in has backed out!

    If this is a position you could fill, please PM me directly in confidence.

    Check out our website for more details www.driffieldband.com :tup
  17. June Update

    We are almost into June, and I thought I would post another update.

    At the moment, all we are recruiting for is a percussion section.

    We have 35 brass players and are desperate to fill these vacancies!

    Any percussionists out there, can you come help?
  18. August Update

    We are still in the position of requiring a permanent percussion section!:(

    There must be someone out there who can do a job for us...:tup
  19. November 2013 Update

    Hi all.

    We are still looking for a kit player / percussionist to complete our line-up.

    There must be someone out there looking for a home...

    We also very much welcome any more brass players to join the 34 we already have. Most sections are over-subscribed - some by 100%! However we only have 11 cornets.

    Come join us!
  20. Another November Update

    Hi all!

    Following a shoulder injury to our principal 2nd cornet player, we currently have a vacancy to fill for our Christmas programme.

    We only have 4 concerts this year, and could do with some help. Anybody willing to step in for a couple of months would be really welcome. If you are looking for a longer placement, this would be available to the right candidate!

    Additionally, in 2014 we will have a vacancy for BBb bass. We have a Yamaha Neo instrument we purchased this year which will be ready and waiting for you!

    Percussionist are still required too.

    We have a sensible concert calendar for 2014, and a CD recording in April. Anybody interested in playing for us, please make yourself known.

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