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    and not the American Dream type dream, but strange dreams (not tmp based dreams, there's a thread about taht already)

    I thought I'd share this one with you so you can all psychoanalyse me or share your twisted dreams too!

    I had a dream that I was at my friends house and he started to kind of crumble. At which point his head fell off. Naturally I picked the head up and put it in a carrier bag(not just any carrier bag, one of those really strong ones). Then decided that If I took the head I might look guility and so I balanced the head back on the body (which was lying flat) and then left. THen in the dream I woke up and it was all a dream and then I really woke up and it was a dream.

    What do you think? Do I need counciling?

    The dream last night was rubbish, I forgot to give a customer her part of the contract when she opened her account card - very dull indeed
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    Why was it natural to pick the head up and put it in a carrier bag? I would have runaway screaming probably :tongue: and was it a particularly close friend? hmmm why would you dream about his head falling off, thats kinda strange! But I don't think you need couselling, cos your not a psychopath!! not that only psychopaths need counselling but like yeah hmm i'll shurrup!

    The only really vivid dream I can remember was agessssss ago, all I can remember is that I was stood on a stage in a great big huge hall that was like a big massive glass thing and there was a person on either side of me and a thing in front of me with sheets of paper on and like a gazillion people were stood up looking at the stage.
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    Can't help you with your dream but thought I'd share one of mine.

    I have a recurring dream which I have had for about 10 years now. I get it about 4 or 5 times a years and it is always the same.

    I cant quite explain it either. Sort of like something far away in the distance and I can sense it getting closer and closer (and I know it is getting closer and closer). It is silent. It starts off like a dot on the horison and gradually gets closer and as it gets closer I get more and more flustered until I literally wake up in a sweat, panicking.

    I still cannot ascertain what it is that is approaching but it seems like a machine or something and there is no way of escaping it.

    I always wake up just as it is about to envelop me.

    I'm actually due it again soon.

    Wierd, I know.

  4. Vickitorious

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    I had a horrible dream the other day :(

    I dreampt that Sandy Smith didn't come to the auditions and said he wouldn't do the tutoring for the week at NYBB, So, Philip Biggs said, "well if there isn't a horn tutor, how are the horns meant to learn the pieces, they can't be in the band if they cant play the pieces, this means we dont have a full band... (this is the bad bit)... WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO CANCELL THE COURSE!!:eek: At which point I started crying, and then he came up to me and said that I wasn't good enough for the band and wouldn't be allowed back permanently!! Unless I showed him some proof of a Grd 8 or something, but he wouldn't accept that certificate because it wasn't an orchestral exam :confused:! So, I wasn't allowed in NYBB again, and I went home and got an orange yogurt out of the fridge and sat and cried on the sofa! :(

    It was a sad dream! :(
  5. Di

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    I have a recurring dream. I get it lots. All my teeth are crumbling and falling out, one by one I spit them into my hand. And then I always say, "OMG, its just like in my dreams". And then I go to a dentist to have him try and put them back in! :rolleyes:

    Oooh ooh and another one. We're out in the caravan, or in some other place, (never our house) and there's a tiger on the prowl and we've got to get everyone in and safe before he gets to us. :(
  6. Crazysop

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    I had the strangest dream last night, In the dream I was helping Sterling Sop decorate her bedroom. We stripped off the old paper, then put up new, but in totally weird fashion, like diagonally! and criss cross, which when finished she didnt like, so we painted over it in a Kahki green colour, floor ceiling the lot, she didn't like that either. Then we decided to go clubbing(like you do in a dream) in some weird club in our decorating clothes. We spent all night in the toilets using some free hairspray then went back to Sterlingsop's and ended up hanging red velvet curtains round her room to hide all the terrible decorating. Weird!
  7. Di

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    The very interest discussion on a band without horns can be found in totally random. We were getting just a teeeeeeeensy bit off topic. ;) But I feel the discussion should go on. ;)
  8. sterlingsop

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    Lou...I'm worried!!! My bedroom secret's out......:eek:
  9. Big Twigge

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    I get the teeth falling out dream too, it's horrible! You have to check that they're still there when you wake up!
  10. brassneck

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  11. yonhee

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    I have loooots of weird dreams, I think its because Im weird... I've had two recurring ones since I was like four. I fall down a hole and land in a big fire then I fall down another hole and wake up. And in the other one Im in some random city dunno which and loads of people wearing black are chasing me and when one of them touches me I wake up. Last night I had one about school which is even more disturbing...
  12. brassneck

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    The dreams I seem to remember are ones I used to have in childhood which still recur , usually nightmares that used to send me running downstairs to my parents. Interesting trying to follow them through, but never seem to get past the points when I remember waking up!
  13. Keppler

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    used to have one where I was locked in an empty room with for a year. Makes the night go so slowly when your dreaming about passing time with nothing to do.
  14. bigmamabadger

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    I used to have a recurring dream as a child where I was always trying to cross a road and two vehicles were heading towards me from opposite directions. I couldn't run properly like my legs had gone all numb. Always woke up just before they hit me. Haven't had it in years.

    If I try to use nicotine patches I get the most astounding dreams. They're incredibly vivid and realistic and I have trouble afterwards remembering what's real and what isn't. I've had conversations with real people only to remember I started that conversation with them in my dream. Embarrassing. They're also very physical and sometimes I wake up exhausted. They're never very scary, but far too realistic for comfort.

    I'm not going to describe any of them. They're of limited interest to all but a handful of people, mainly my psychotherapist...:redface:

  15. Will the Sec

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    I had just had my annual appraisal with the boss, and he said that the sun shone out of my posterior, and that Senior Officials and Ministers had commented on the quality of my work.

    That night, my dream was thus...

    I'd been looking at the BBC News website, and saw a headline that said the general election would be on the 7th May. I looked to where my boss sits, but he wasn't there. Well, OBVIOUSLY, he had to know. I checked his diary, and saw that he was meeting with the PM at No 10.

    I ran down Victoria Street, up Whitehall, and barged my way into No 10. I thumped one of the police officers to get him out of the way, and stormed into the room where my boss was talking to the PM.

    "Mike! There's a general election on 7th May!"

    He looked at me, eyes blazing with anger, shook his head, stood up, walked past me to the door, opened it, and ushered me out, muttering something like, "bad report next year". As the door shut, I heard Mike say, "Sorry about that your PM-i-ness. He's a good worker but as he's a West Ham supporter is prone to moments of madness."

    My appointment with my psycho-analyst went very well, thank you....
  16. 2nd man down

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    My recurring dream is always that I'm trying to escape something (not quite sure what it is I'm always trying to escape from) and like BMB's dream my legs just won't work properly so the going is really annoyingly sluggish. Whoever I ask for help just seem to look at me as if they can't understand what I'm saying until eventually whatever is chasing me has me cornered at a cliff edge...
    I always wake up with a real jump when i start to fall off the edge...I wake in a sweat and if anyone is within 2 feet of me they get kicked or punched because my arms and legs actually lash out trying to stop me from falling.

    I hate that dream, I wake up soaking wet with sweat and knackered. :(
  17. Di

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    Any dreams where I end up running, i've gone beyond "the legs are sluggish like wading through treacle" to galloping on all fours. :eek:

    Please be gentle with me. :(:redface:
  18. brassneck

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    I'm wondering if any tMPers have had experience of astral travelling, you know, those out-of-body experiences that commonly occur at bedtime? I had a friend who had these frequently and I have never got near (apart from when I got hit by a car when cycling!).

  19. groovy

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    I can sometimes control my dreams! It's brilliant! Best if you wake up in the middle of a dream but don't wake up fully, the just think about what you want to happen in your dream, then go back to sleep and you get your custom made dream. I sometimes write down my weird dreams, here's one that I wrote down a couple of years ago:
    I was with a with a friend and we were buying new jeans. Hers were too tight so she asked her mum to change them for a size 100A, but she got 202A which were far too big. I phoned the man from the shop and he told me to meet him somewhere. I went and my mum was there. Shje told me that some people lived in the boring houses with balloons.
    There were 6 houses - 3 funky houses and 3 with balloons. I went into one straight ahead of me and found it was another friend's house, but it was set out like my house. There was a big folder which had stuff about each person in it, and my stuff was private. I was in my bed and a guy friend was in another room and we were texting each other. then he was going to come to talk to me but then someone came to the door and said she had read my part of the folder and the texts so he couldn't.
    Then it was the next day and I went to a coffee place where my mate works with her bf. He asked her when she finished work, she said 4.30, and that he should pin it on the noticeboard. I said he should use highlighters. Then I saw a paper and it was saying he was evil because he had been hurting a midget.
    Then we were back at the houses, and we went to the one on the left. It was the bandroom and everyone was talking about their inspiration. I said mine were our band secretaries because they were organised. Then I had to photocopy parts of Vizcaya for the MD, and there was a photocopier in the back seat of his car.
    Then I woke up!
  20. ComputerBloke

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    I tend to get strange dreams.

    In one dream I drove a vintage car down the bandroom steps.

    In another one, I watched people getting burned to death by searing flames while trapped in a metal cage.

    Bring it on :D