Drake's Drum

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Straightmute, May 23, 2006.

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    Does anyone know of a march called 'Drake's Drum'? I was contacted today by a lady who is trying to trace it on behalf of relatives in Canada who heard it played on the radio by a band from New Zealand! It's a new title to me - I have no idea of the composer or publisher - but I reckon it must be good to have travelled so far, so I offered to track it down for her. If anyone has access to sheet music or to a recording I'd be pleased to hear from them.


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    If it is a march, then there is a good chance that it is based on the first song from "Songs of the Sea" by Charles Villiers Stanford (op.91), based on the poem by Henry Newbold.

    I'm not aware of a band arrangement of this, although as it has been out of copyright for some time I reckon there could be some homemade arrangements of it out there. It would work quite well for band I think - I've been debating arranging it for some time, but somehow haven't quite got around to it yet! :oops:
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    Sorry, again, but to further cloud the issue, here is a link to an article on British music with a maritime connection, written by British Light Music authority Philip Scowcroft:


    The article contains more information than even the most ambitious "Themed Concert Programme" planner could ever want, however it does also point out that the Henry Newbolt poem to which DaveR refers was also set to music by Bantock, Coleridge-Taylor, and several other lesser-known composers.

    I think I'm probably with DaveR however; the 1st movement from "Songs of the Sea" is the most likely candidate.
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    Here you go:

    A recording (available from www.discurio.com) of the Royal Marines Band

    COMMANDO FORCES "By Land & Sea" Captain W.W. Shillitto
    Decca [1972] SB701

    By Land & Sea - Padstow Lifeboat - Sentry's Song - Trumpetino - Army & Marine - Swing M - Plymouth Hoe - H.M. Jollies - Drake's Drum - Song of the High Seas - "Pineapple Poll" Finale - Life on the Ocean Wave

    I assume one could contact the Marines Band and borrow it from their library ... ?
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    Thanks to you both for the helpful suggestions. I'll pass on the details of the recording to the person who contacted me. I'll also look up the score - it might well be something that would arrange well for brass.



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