Dr Roy Newsome

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  1. Rustonw

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    4br have just announced the sad news of the passing of Dr Roy Newsome age 81. Our thoughts are with Muriel and all the family at this very sad time.

    Wayne Ruston
  2. MRSH

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    Died peacefully this morning.

    Truly great bandsman and he will be missed.

    Story on 4barsrest.
  3. brassbandmaestro

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    Yes. What a great conductor he was. He had a very clear beat! RIP Roy Newsome
  4. eflatbass

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    Very sad news. A great loss.
  5. Sutty

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    The Brass Band movement has lost yet another great ambassador and it won't be the same without him. We also forget what a good arranger he was too! God Bless You Roy Newsome.
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    Agreed. A very clever user of the colours available to him as an arranger.

    I only met the man once, when I was playing for an NABBC workshop, where Dr Newsome was one of the figures running the event. He conducted the band (who were 50% borrowed players) twice, both times achieving dramatic improvements in minutes, despite the players' unfamiliarty with each other, and with the music in front of them - which was mostly new manuscript. Even though he hadn't seen the scores for more than ten minutes before he started, he instantsly grasped what was needed, and put that over to the band with simple clarity. (And yes, BBM, with a VERY clear and precise beat!)

    He also gave a short talk on the heritage and history of brass banding, and packed more into 15 minutes than most people could find in half an hour. And more importantly, kept the younger players rivited with attention throughout.

    In those couple of short hours he left a big impression. A Gent and a very clever musician.

    May I someday be even half the musician he was, and I'll have done well.
  7. Pondasher

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    We have lost a wonderful man without any airs or graces. Without doubt he will be remembered for his tremendous contribution to the brass band movement.
  8. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    A very sad day in the Lever household, the passing of a good friend and colleague, Rest In Peace Roy Newsome.
  9. SteveT

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    Roy, a truly talented and inspirational human being. Now God's Bandmaster! God Bless.
  10. The Wizard

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    A very very sad day. Dr Roy Newsome ---- a great great man and a legend in the Brass Band Movement and beyond. You were an inspiration to me, and i will always be in your debt for all you gave us at Salford. Rest in Peace my friend. You will be remembered always.
  11. critic

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    His contribution to the band movement was imense. What ever level of banding he was involved in he always had words of advive and encouragement
  12. mikelyons

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    Dr Newsome conducted Old Hall a few times and I was always amazed at his control of the band. He had a true presence and had the respect of the entire brass band world. Another great man has died. My condolences to Mrs Newsome and his family.
  13. ekimmort

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    Very sad news. I love playing his arrangement of Deep Harmony, it always brings a tear to my eyes.
  14. critic

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    Hepworthplayed two verses of St Clements [The Day Thou Gavest at the beggining of there practise ast night followed by a short silence.
  15. Bass Man

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    We (Reg Vardy) started last nights rehearsal with a hymn dedicated to the memory of Dr Newsome
  16. Frontman

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    Boarshurst Silver Band played Eventide to commence rehearsal last night in memory of the great man.

    Roy Newsome was a friend of the band for the past 2 years whilst working towards contests, but he was also a personal friend of mine for numerous years.
    A true Gentleman who will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with Muriel and the family.
  17. John Brooks

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    I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Newsome at the RAH a few years ago. It was quite by chance that I had just purchased his book "150 Years" - the story of Black Dyke and I approached him to sign my copy. HE thanked ME (!!) for buying his book and said he appreciated my interest! He was sincere as we chatted and in no way gave the impression that he was an icon. It was one of those all too rare moments in life when an ordinary individual meets a very extra-oridinary individual and the world seems to stop for a few moments. That's a memory I will always treasure. My condolences to his wife and family.
  18. Unregistered

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    I know Roy touched many people in his life and left fond memories to all. I recall a specific conversation with Roy during the planning stages of the second Brass Band Aid CD having asked him if he would like to compose a piece of music with an arfican theme for the CD. Roy quickly declined explaining that he 'wasnt a very good composer'! We chatted for a while and he left an open offer of support.
    A couple of weeks later he rang to advise me he had composed a march for the CD. I must admit to smiling to myself whilst chatting, I was thinking an African March!!?
    But Roy went on to explain he had called it the BBA March (Brass Band Aid), as the first 3 notes were BBA. This is just a lovely example of Roys love of music and desire help others and what a super march it is.
    What a delightful, generous man, a real gentleman and a massive loss to music.
    Thoughts going out to family
    Bob Thompson
  19. halsasaurus

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    Besses are devestated to have lost this great man.

  20. leylandband

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    From Martin Newsome (Roy's son) via Facebook:

    The funeral of Dr. Roy Newsome will take place at Bury Parish Church at 11:00am on Monday 17th October 2011.

    Many thanks from all the family for all your thoughts and wishes, they have been a great comfort at this difficult time.
    Martin Newsome.

    Not sure if Martin visits here, but the tributes on Facebook, in addition to here, have been numerous and heartfelt.

    God bless, Roy. You will be missed.