Dr Roy Newsome - 80th Birthday Tribute

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  1. ChrisHelme

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    Hello Everyone

    I produce the popular Sunday afternoon brass band program "Sunday Bandstand" 2pm / 3pm (UK time) based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.

    The below link is a one-hour 80 th birthday tribute to Dr Roy Newsome: conductor, adjudicator, composer, arranger, author and someone who has been referred to on a number of occasions as the father the modern brass band.


    This is the link to the Podcast on the Radio Phoenix FM 96.7 website, listen to my story and some of the music associated with the wonderful life in banding Roy has had.

    The show closes with a nostalgic reprise of Roy and Sun Life (Stanshawe) Band wining the 1990 British Open Brass Band Championships at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester.


    Chris Helme

  2. Dr Roy's 80th

    Nice programme Chris, and a fitting tribute to a man who has contributed so much to the brass band world.

    What was the name of the first piece played by Williams Fairey, and which band played Indian Summer?
  3. ChrisHelme

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    Thanks for your message - I did not realise I had left the title of the piece off until I heard through - Neapolitan Scenes is the name of the piece - I once tried to play it with a band I was in at the time - it was far too difficult for us.


  4. Thanks for that Chris.

    And the band that played Indian Summer was......?
  5. HowarthBrass

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    Great programme Chris, Good to hear some of the things Roy has achieved over his 80 years. Also a few pieces I've never heard before.
    Particularly enjoyed Mr. Newsome's winning performance with Sun Life, at the 1990 British Open Championships. Fantastic!!!
  6. Frontman

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    Excellent programme Chris. Congratulations to Dr Roy on his 80th birthday year.
    May I say that Roy is still very active in Brass Banding and spent a time with us at Boarshurst this year.
  7. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Here, here, David, we had many a happy time with him when we where at Besses.


  8. Aussie Tuba

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    link doesn't work for me. maybe I'm to far away
  9. mikey.smithy

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    Great programme - that performance of Le Roi D'ys from a bunch of 'southerners' still send shivers down my spine. The first minute and last minute are absolutely electric - not to mention that euph sound of course!!!
  10. ChrisHelme

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    Hello David - Hope you are keeping well - when is Roy never active - I hope I'm as active when I hit the dizzy heights of 80.....



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