Dr Martin Bequest Brass Band Competition

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by timbo100, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. timbo100

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    Did this take place and, if so, any results?

  2. Colin.Doran

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  3. LittleEuph

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    It is a shame that of a possible field of 15, only 4 bands seem to have entered the contest.

    Anybody any thoughts as to why? Was there a clash with another contest/event? I would have thought that the prize money alone would have attracted more than 4 bands.... :confused:
  4. Bandstand

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    Seven bands originally entered - three dropped out for various reasons, including holidays.
    It was a very good day enjoyed by a sizeable audience.
    Outside the Gala Theatre, Durham County Brass Band Association ran a Festival of Youth Bands. Players ranged from primary school to teenagers.

    We featured the contest on our radio show today with interviews from:-
    Matthew White, Soloist winner
    Colin Hardy, adjudicator
    Ray Farr, Winning M D
    Vaughan Evans, organiser of Youth Festival
    Neil Hillier, organiser of Durham Brass
    Plus reviews of Brass events and music.

    The show is repeated at 10pm next Friday.
  5. iaindrum

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    wrong time of year, to many people on holiday and bands have broken up
  6. towse1972

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    No offence Iain but why enter in the 1st place and then withdraw? Withdrawing seems to be the brass banding equivelant to the morning after pill at the moment!!!!
    Dont bands make holiday lists and look at other commitments before entering these things?
    I can understand withdrawing due to "unforseen" circumstances like illness or resignations but it seems to be more of an acceptable norm to enter then withdraw these days. This isnt a swipe at the individual bands concerned either, just an observation.

    There is a saying isnt there, something like, "Act in haste, repent at leisure". (I think thats it!)

    Having said that, well done to Pem. They dont half cram these contests in. A grueling schedule. A well deserved couple of grand!
  7. Columbo

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    OMG! For once I actually agree with you miss towse! that deserves a :)!
  8. iaindrum

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    Yes donna totally agree as I didnt make it clear what I was on about really, I think the actual numbers they wanted entered was 15 and due to the time of year they were not going to get that which what was I was on about, they should have been the 7 bands they as listed but obivously they withdrew which is were I agree with donna, I heard from the organisers that they were not happy with the date they got and someone is getting a ear bashing over it. Its a real shame as its great prize money and could be a good contest and it has to run for x amount of years. I just hope it comes back next year with a better date (which im positive it will) and that it hasnt sickened some bands off with the lack of numbers because for one think it could be a top the contest this
  9. Thanks Donna!! Bands on a well deserved break for the summer - might actually have a social life for the next 4 weeks :p

    The contest was a cracking day, well organised and I am sure it will be much better supported next year - it is definately worth the trip over if anybody is considering it next year. Heard on the day it will be held at Gateshead next year (same venue as BiC) so I'm guessing this may attract more bands at its certainley a cracking venue, but thats not a definate off the organisers just what I heard
  10. JesTperfect!

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    :biggrin: :clap:

    Oh, how I laughed when I read that!
  11. bassinthebathroom

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    Donna, are you saying the morning after pill and withdrawal methods are in fact one and the same? :p
  12. Bandstand

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    Different date?

    Would the first Saturday in July be a better date? It could be a big opener to the Durham Brass Festival then.

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