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  1. Anonymous_user

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    Any news on why Dr Cobb has resigned from Hendon SA band? Is he moving into the contesting world? Who's taking over at Hendon?

    Frankie Boy
  2. T Winch

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    Is this true? Where did you hear it? I would imagine if he wanted to move into the contesting world he would have to resign from the ISB also. I for one hope he doesn't. (Having said that, if ISB players are allowed to compete maybe conductors can too)
  3. Anonymous_user

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    Apparently so. Resigned on Sunday with immediate effect.
  4. Razor

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    If it is true then it brings to an end a quite impressive period of service and commitment having been BM at Hendon I believe since somewhere around 1978/79.

    Quite a record!
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    We've moved on a bit Ray it's Cd's & DVD's now - you can take the boy out of Greenock...
  6. PeterBale

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    I heard on Sunday night of his resignation from Hendon, but haven't heard anything about a successor yet. He was appointed bandmaster in 1979, succeeding his father Roland, and his grandfather Fred had the band before that, so he's had a fair crack of the whip.

    I don't personally see any reason why he would need to step down from the ISB to take up other conducting assignments, providing they can be fitted into the schedule. My only hesitation would concern the issue of whether he should be involved with a corps section, as is the case for players in the ISB. As he is the band's first non-officer bandmaster, then there is no precedence to quote, and they will have to make up the rules as they go along ;)

    He's conducted a number of other bands both on cd and in concert in recent years, and I should imagine he will continue to do so.
  7. Anonymous_user

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    Make up rules - surely not!!!

    Heard the fav to take over is the DBM but to watch out for the "daws factor" - can't think what that means!
  8. T Winch

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    The version that I heard was that he told the band two weeks ago that he would like to step down when a suitable replacement is found. If this is the case it sheds a rather different complexion on it than "Steve Cobb resigns with immediate effect". I know that "Top bandmaster retires after 30 years sterling service" doesn't sound quite as sensational but I beleive it to be more accurate.
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    You asked if it was true - it is. Wasn't trying to be sensationalist, only passing on what I'd been told, as you asked.

    Apologies if my information isn't as accurate as yours - only have your word for that - my source is a former ISB member - with no axe to grind before you go down that route.

    You asked & I gave you the information I had - don't have a go at me.

    Just one thing. If it was two weeks ago why has your non sensationalist headline not appeared in the Bandsman or Salvationist yet - as you say almost 30 years service...

    Frankie Boy
  10. PeterBale

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    I understand that David Rudd is to be the new Hendon bandmaster. I am sure we wish him well with the band as he continues the high quality music-making and witness set over the past years.
  11. Brian Kelly

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    The June edition of Brass Band World carries the story that Stephen Cobb has resigned as bandmaster at Hendon after 29 years service. BBW quotes him as saying that
    "It's been a privilege to be the bandmaster but I think the time is right for a change."

    The story also confirms that David Rudd is to take over as bandmaster at Hendon, and that Stephen Cobb will continue as bandmaster of the ISB.
  12. Brian Kelly

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    Don't forget that Don Morrison (who later had great success with the Hendon (non-SA) Band) was bandmaster at Hendon SA in the 1950s, before Roland Cobb took over, and Paul Ruby was bandmaster at Hendon SA for a short period before Stephen Cobb.

    Sorry to be so pedantic, but I can't help it I'm afraid!:)
  13. Alpine_Horn

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    Dear All,

    Yes. I can confirm Stephen Cobb has resigned as Bandmaster of Hendon Band. His long-term successor has yet to be appointed. However, in the interim, Deputy Bandmaster David Rudd will lead the band.

    Regards, Alpine_Horn
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    I understand that David was a member of the solo cornet bench for some time, and is also a music teacher in London. However, more interestingly, I have it on good authority that Michael Stoneham is very much in the running for the BM job too. Can anyone verify this please?
  16. donaldkey

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    It's been a little quiet on the subject of Hendon SA Bandmaster! Anyway, after leading the band in a successful trip to Helsinki it looks like David Rudd will surely be BM. By all accounts David did an exceptional job. Good chance however that principal euphonium Michael Stonham will be his deputy after years of previous experience leading Wealdstone SA band. Looks like the band's younger generation...those under 30...will be in safe hands for the forseeable future...
  17. IscreamCornet

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    I have it on good authority from an unnamed source close to the Hendon SA Band inner circle that Micky "the Baton" Stonham is indeed closing in on the deputy bandmaster post having been seen in secret negotiations at a private and secluded location in North Harrow, London.
    It is known that he was harbouring dreams of securing the main post, spending a great deal of time in his lazyboy waving a pencil fast and furiously at his hi-fi, the latest Hendon CD playing at "full blast" according to a neighbour living some 5 streets away.
    Of course, being so young, he has time on his side and he will content himself with the deputy role as he "learns the ropes".
    It is also a well known fact that it would be nigh on impossible to find anyone that could re-create the kind of performances we have come to expect from Micky Stonham were he to take on the full bandmaster's position.
  18. IscreamCornet

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    more breaking news...

    David Rudd has his own plans to raise the already high standards of Hendon Band even higher, if that is possible. Although the band's recent trip to Finland was a huge success, it didn't go unnoticed that there was still the occasional wrong note creeping into the performance throughout various sections of the band. To eradicate this, the double bell instruments that achieved fame in the late 1800's through to mid 1900's and are, indeed, still played today in some military and historic bands, will be introduced just as soon as such instruments can be found and procured.
    This will not only enable a bigger tone but also give the player two shots at hitting each note!
    A picture of one such instrument that is the future of the modern brass band can be seen here as played by Marco Ciavolino :

  19. Moy

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    Hendon played at Govan Citadel last night and were excellent. David Daws played superbly.
    Programme I loved and a fantastic evening of music -every taste catered for.
  20. donaldkey

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    Very interesting insight into Michael Stonham. I have heard rumours about Michael waving his baton around in private and this of course can only improve his tecnique... so long as he doesn't have anyone's eye out with it! Of course Michael would have been bandmaster at Weadstone in the it's heyday when the fabulous Baker boys were present and of course the wonderful David Daws. I think I'm correct in saying that Michael taught David in his early days? Perhaps you can confirm...

    I'm very interested in those instruments with two bell ends. I'm sure we can all recall moments when we would have liked a second go at the last note! I guess the two bells also improve projection somewhat...I think you maybe onto something here Iscream...

    Anyway, I hear that David Rudd is continuing to do a great job as BM. Watch this space for more news of a deputy....