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    So I'm sat in the cardiovascular unit of a hospital in Auckland, NZ and it being Christmas Eve (presumably people are holding off on cardiac episodes until tomorrow) it's really quiet and boring.

    I've dabbled lightly in TMP for a while (normally as a working tool!) and figured I would use this 'downtime' to write a proper introduction and resolve to be more involved from 2009.

    So I'm a UK born trombonist/conductor/teacher/composer living in Auckland for a while (or maybe permanently?).

    I was born in Leicester and after starting trombone lessons with Salvationist Les Piper I joined Ratby Junior Band under Geoff Newman on bass trombone (because I couldn't read treble clef well!).

    Over may funfilled years I moved slowly through the ranks eventually becoming 2nd trombone in the senior band, then conducted by Kevin Steward.

    Towards the end of this time I started to take my playing pretty seriously and got involved in other local ensembles and also some professional work, mostly in theatre bands.

    In my younger years I also went along to the Wessex Youth Band Courses (now WYBSS) starting halfway down the trombone line and eventually succeeding the fantastic player Becky Plant (now Moss) to become principal trombone, a seat I held with great pride for five years until I left the course. I learnt a great deal on the courses, especially from Derek Broadbent (who exudes a contagious passion for all music) and Mike Fowles (who taught me the importance of discipline, leadership and dedication).

    After competing with Ratby at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000 I said a sad goodbye to begin my music degree at Huddersfield University.

    I stepped back from 'professional' ;) banding for my first year (except the university band led by the formidable Phillip McCann) and found myself getting exposed to orchestral brass ensembles, early music and experimental new music. Les Storey did his very best to establish a professional practise routine with me!

    In year two (now on 1st trombone in the university band) I joined Yorkshire Co-operatives Band led by John Roberts as principal trombone. This soon became my 'home' band and we went on to achieve many great contest results and a fab trip to New Zealand.

    After finishing my bachelors I went on to get my masters degree, continuing to play all over Yorkshire. I tried my hand at sackbut and viol!

    The day before that course finished (but with my work done) I moved to Melbourne, Australia on a working holiday. The trombone went away for a year but I conducted my first band - a D grade group of about 14 players. Six months later we had a full band and won prizes at the national championships.

    With a heavy heart I left Australia for a trip home (helping Co-op out to a 2nd place at Butlins on the way) and eventually ended up here in Auckland!

    I now run Emusic Online ( with my partner Carolyn and we both teach brass to kids around Auckland (I think there have been hundreds in all!). I conduct a community band for fun (Kumeu Brass) and have been 'helping out' Waitakere Brass on baritone for about 9 months!

    That's a very long and waffly auto-biography!

    During the school holidays I am temping at a hospital to keep the money rolling in.

    Carolyn and I are figuring out where we want to settle down and aim to have it all planned and under way next year!

    I'd love to hear from any old friends, and also any composers/arrangers/publishers looking for Australasian distribution!

    Thanks a lot,

    Marc Nethercot

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