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  1. I've been asked by a friend if i know where he can download a recording of la belle americaine, the cornet solo. I have got no idea about that (or any other brass downloads for that matter) but thought I might ask some tmp's!
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    To the best of our knowledge, the first (and only) download store dedicated to brass bands is our own World of Brass Tunes. Unfortunately, we don't currently have a recording of La Belle Americaine in the store.
    Most of the new releases on the Doyen, Egon and SP&S labels are added to the store, plus a growing number of 'back catalogue' recordings no longer available to purchase on CD.

    Chandos Records also have a download store called The Classical Shop which may have it.
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    Quick search on itunes and found a recording of it played as a euph solo but no luck as a cornet solo. Just typed in the track title name and hit search.