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  1. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    On tuesday night i checked to see if my cat Berlioz wanted any food while i was at band,well it turned out she did so i did put a clean dish and put food in for her.
    I went to band came home and Berlioz came to me making more fuss than normal i did not think anything of it.
    I had a drink of beer and it was time to go to bed i thought i will just check to see if Berlioz as got enough food to last her through the night,went to check
    NO DISH:confused:
    Looked on the table where i put the food on the dish and the food was still there:eek:
    No wonder Berlioz was giving more fuss than normal.
    She had got her dried food to eat but i dont think she was to impressed by what i had done
    Have you ever done anything like this at all with your pet by accident
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  4. T Winch

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    Nope. Me neither
  5. Roger Thorne

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    Nor me . . . . which means 3 No's and the thread gets locked.

    "Here Kitty, Kitty!"

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