1. 1st Position

    1st Position Member

    East Yorkshire
    I first came across Don when I was 16, and heard him and Kenny Baker play with a backing trio. My first thoughts were that I should go home and put my trombone in the bin. I was only a young lad then, but when I next met Don I was studying at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall. We had Bill Watrous playing, but even he stood on the stage and paid tribute to Don - he wasn't comfortable playing a ballad, because the king of ballad playing was in the audience. Later, when studying at Salford I was priviledged to talk to Don on several occasions. He was very generous with his time and advice, at a time when I was having embouchure problems.

    He was one of this countrys great musicians, but modest with it. Probably the description of Don that suits him best, is one that most of the above posts have included, he was indeed a Gentlman.
  2. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    Bolton, Lancs, England
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