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  1. If there hasnt been 1 started, i'll start it now

    now the english leagues are just a fortnight or so away from starting, how will your team do this season?

    hate to say it but my team leeds united have really ducked up this time (im sure you'll all realise that was a slip of the finger, it was meant to land on the f, not the d). carole could be a good signing but livermore and nicholls, what the hell is goin on! On top of all that, pugh, hulse, and now bennett are all going or gone already, those 3 should have stayed, i aint bothered about ricketts and wright going, waste of wages, plus about 3 or 4 others in our current squad aswell. Leeds should have been pushing for auto promo this season, they wont even reach the playoffs now!

    i think brummy will do a southampton and flop in their 1st season back down in the dumps of the championship. I'd say west brom should destroy most teams as they seem to have kept most of their better players, sunderlands squad was championship level anyway, and their 2 best players, kelvin davis and julio arca are now both gone, so they need to be replaced if sunderland are to challenge.

    overall I dont see any special teams this season apart from w.b. mentioned earlier, could be close to see who does the best this season, 1 things nearly sure unless blackie gets his tactics right, leeds wont be going up this time :(

    on the going down side, barnsley to stay up, southend and colchester to go straight back down again, and to go down with em, a total outside bet at wolves, theyve signed nearly no-one and got rid of nearly half their squad!, and STILL have no manager!, ok realistically they should stay up but they wont do anything either, probably hull, struggled last season and they aint made many inroads to solving the problems, replacing peter taylor can't have been a good thing to have to do either.

    and so onto the prem. Chelsea, again! nuff said i think, sheva and ballack are 2 very good signings, and depending on who else comes in and goes out, they shouldnt have any problems this season. now that arsenals young players have had a season to play, i think they will shine this year, plus rosicky will be a great signing for them, maybe 1 or 2 more signings and arsenal will come 2nd this season. close between liverpool and man utd then i think, pool have more squad depth but man utd seem to do something every season, although they did it all on the quiet last season!

    Could it finally be the season where some of the lesser BIG teams shine? spurs are expected to do well this season although with jol bringing in so many new players all the time its a wonder his team gels!, potentials there tho, although they can't say they aint had the cash to buy it all ;) . I'll say it again, bolton look good, although no JJ this season, could be a flair player they miss in the short term, although they should have the back up required, will fortune give them the fortune they worked hard for last season? middlesbro have 1 of the best youth policies in england and it could be time for their young guns to fire up, they still have some valuable experience in there and southgate as a coach, not a bad idea, he has played consistantly in the top level for about a decade or so, and they should have some of their more experienced players fully fit this time.

    going down, sheffield united without a shadow of a doubt, watford and reading may stay up but it will be very difficult for them as the standard in the prem does seem to have gone up another level again. joinin sheffy i'll say (god lookin at the list this aint easy!) Could be fulham and villa, fulhams squad lacks depth, although their 1st 11 aint too bad when fully fit, and coleman aint a bad coach either, but with the fiasco at A.V., i'd say they are lookin to mearly survive this season, and realistically, either watford or reading could come straight back down, really depends on how the prem teams adapt to them being the newboys.

    So theres my latest TMP essay, enjoy, and feel free to let it all out, the frustration of pants signings, or no signings lol, the joy of a quality player or 2 coming your way, please dont mention the world cup, as its gone, done and dusted now, and please dont go on about how gerrard will solely make liverpool win the league and how rooney will solely do the same for man utd, some realistic comments would be more appreciated.

    CHEERS! :D
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    Professional Irishman Mick Mcarthy was appointed Wolves manager over a week ago , new backroom staff in place , gary breen already signed with a few other defenders , and now Lee Carsley looks to be coming on board..ok we havn't signed 6 or 6 players like the Saints , but it's all looking rosey at molineux..wahooooo
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