Domesday Scenario for the Nationals!

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    If the Regions/Kapitol do not sort out the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain the following will happen!.......

    The increasingly "strapped for cash" top bands in England will soon find the "chore" of either qualifying for the RAH or the charade of attending their Area contest despite already having qualified by virtue of a high place in the previous years RAH final too much of a financial burden and will see it as a waste of their time.
    They will withdraw from the current arrangements and form a super league of bands probably under the auspices of the BFBB (later to become the English Federation!) and the current English National will eventually move to the RAH and become the pre-eminent contest along side the British Open.
    The "Old" RAH final if it manages to survive will become a generally poor quality affair with a Welsh or Scottish winner every year until it loses it sponsorship and it will then disappear.
    The Welsh and Scots will continue with their own National Championships(all 5 sections) and will continue to select their Euro qualifiers via this route.
    The six english regions in a state of disarray will go "cap in hand" to the BFBB (EFBB) and beg to come under their umbrella so as to re-establish a series of regional qualifiers and a lower section and probably English only final.They will also restore the link with lower section banding and the english elite bands and establish a pathway for aspiring championship bands to move up to the english super league of bands.
    The EFBB will eventually neuter the english regional commitees power and speak with one voice on all matters to do with English banding thus making funding applications and decision making more focused.
    The Welsh and Scots will flourish but there will a new golden era for English banding, free at last from regional/nationalistic squabbles and now galvanised with the ability to effect real positve change for the benefit of English banding.
    You heard it here first!:)
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