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  1. mikelyons

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    On Thursday morning at about 2.00am I was struck down with a nasty bout of food poisoning. It was so bad I wrenched the muscles in my chest and I found I couldn't breathe properly. An ambulance was called and I was whisked off to Wigan Infirmary's accident and emergency department.

    All well and good, you might say. However, I noticed that all of the cubicles had notices outside. Obviously professionally done with yellow letters on a gold background. I was taken to Cubicle 6, only, when the pain started to subside and I could see clearly again, I began to notice an oddity. All of the cubicles were labelled cubical! While this word might be a useful adjective, it is not correct to use it as a noun. If they can't spell a simple word like cubicle correctly, what chance have they with something like deoxyribonuceic acid or aspirin or whatever?


    I have been on a course today, with online content provided by the NCSL - the National College for School Leadership. As I worked through the materials, I began to notice more and more spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, including a couple of greengrocer's apostrophes! How can such a college be so lax in the presentation of its public face and why has nobody else spotted these errors and reported them (I did) to the webmaster. It is extremely irritating that neither the medical profession nor the education establishment seem to be ***** about getting their spelling correct. It's not good enough!
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    give it a rest mike
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  4. scotchgirl

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    I think that if that's all you have to worry about in life, then perhaps you ought to go the 'life' shop and get a new one.
  5. Mr Guinness

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    You're clearly still alive. I'd be thankful for that if I were you. How they spell cubicle is hardly relevant to the more than adequate care that I must assume you received.

    Again, assuming that you did recieve adequate care - how about a message of thanks to the staff that treated you?!
    I'm sure the staff wouldn't complain if you happened to spell 'thank you' incorrectly.
  6. Andrew Norman

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    Or greengrocers' apostrophes ?
  7. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    The greengrocer's apostrophe is the name of a type of misused apostrophe and it is probably ambiguous in the context above as to whether it should be before or after the s. I was using it as a plural for "greengrocer's apostrophe" - implying more apostrophes, but not more greengrocers, so I decided on the form I chose.

    As to the 'care' I received at the infirmary, it can only be described as less than satisfactory. The paramedics were more worried about whether picking me up would make their shift end late, a topic for loud discussion between the two inbetween asking me questions, even though it was patently obvious that I could hardly breathe, even with oxygen. Each question was asked about 3 times, and included such unknowns as "What is your address?"; "It is Leigh Road, isn't it?"; "Your first name is...?"

    At the hospital, the nurses were more or less indifferent to my plight and again were more busy discussing their holiday plans than anything else. I was shoved in a cubicle and just left there for an hour or so. When my partner arrived with my meds and clothes in case they kept me in (having driven there) nobody seemed to know where I was.

    The doctor who eventually arrived, while very pleasant and much more concerned about my well-being, was obviously very young, very junior and very nervous - no, he wasn't an ex-pupil. :D He kept gabbling his explanations and repeating himself. He went away to check my blood results and then repeated exactly the same things he had just said 15 minutes ago but a little less coherently. I don't really call that satisfactory.

    My life might have depended on someone who needed to spell a big word or a medical term correctly. I certainly wouldn't want to trust my aged "carcass" to someone who might spell it "cadaver".
  8. Tubist

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    mmmmmm, I've seen your handwriting.............perhaps it's you that needs some extra tuition!!!

    Whit Friday adjudications!!!

    Nothing wrong with your adjudication, just had a real problem reading it.
  9. mxb59307

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    Didn't you mean deoxyribonucleic?

    Pot, kettle, black.
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  10. steve butler

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    How are your feet Mike? I think you may need to see a pedanteyertrist or summat :wink:

    A spell in hospital has a different meaning for you eye sea!
  11. scotchgirl

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    Are you well Mike? I sense (truly) that you seem to be under a lot of stress....seriously, stuff like this doesn't phase most people. I was treated in hospital last year for an asthma attack...I didn't call an ambulance (even though I was later advised that I was stupid for not doing so lol!)....and I can only say that my care (in A&E) was exemplary. I didn't really give a hoot about whether they could all spell accurately, I was more concerned with the fact that I couldn't draw a breath.

    When I'm struggling to catch a breath, and am vomitting through the effort of breathing, and have blue lips and can feel myself losing consciousness, the last thing on my mind is 'ooooh they've spelled cubicle wrong'....seriously. Even more, once they had sorted me out (with 3 hours of oxygen and nebuliser treatment, and prescribed me some potent steroids), I was so grateful to be ALIVE that I wouldn't have given a monkey's that someone had spelled a word wrong in the ward.

    I mean who's to say that it was a doctor/nurse/auxiliary that had the signs made up? Maybe it was a school project, or maybe someone in admin had them done...or maybe it was a task for a work experience teenager from your school? Who knows? Who cares?
  12. KMJ Recordings

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    Some of the cleverest people I know - and I'm talking seriously talented, multiple degree / postdoc, creative or scientific individuals that are leaders in their respective fields - couldn't spell their way out of a paper bag.
  13. Leyfy

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    We had the East of England Ambulance service out last night for the bloke who lives next to me who had stacked it backwards down some stairs and had smashed his head open in our central car park. They asked him all those types of questions a few times to see how coherent he was, rather than because they had forgotten.
  14. michellegarbutt

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    If you noticed the spelling you weren't that bad. Most Hospitals operate a priority scheme. Those who need help first get it first and if this is your attitude then next time I suggest you go private, pay for the privilege and leave the overworked and underpaid staff of the NHS for those who appreciate them
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    Mike, I don't know you and can only judge you on what you post on tMP. I assume this is a wind up?

    If not then you need to get a life mate.
  16. mxb59307

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  17. themusicalrentboy

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    please tell me you've not done a first aid course - the nurses etc ask those questions to make sure you're still functioning up top, although in your case they might want to give you a bad grammar chart. ;)

    EDIT: just seen I've repeated what Kim said
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  18. mikelyons

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    If you want an explication, don't hesitate to ask ;)

    You know, I did my absolute best with my handwriting on Whit Friday - and all I get is complaints... :p
  19. mikelyons

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    This is a form that is taken by early onset alzheimers (apostrophe or not?) I am not for turning on this one. Spelling is very important - just be glad your lives don't depend on my spelling, punctuation and grammar at 6 in the morning. You'd all be dead. Mwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa
  20. mikelyons

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    I really do not understand how it is that people do not care about how their language is used and abused. All the power and majesty and finesse of the English tongue is mangled on a daily basis by people who are wilfully and deliberately only semi-literate, as well as those who are, for whatever reason, unable to grasp the finer points of their native tongue.

    Of course, you don't realise that, by allowing other people to bowdlerise the language and to have control of how it is used, you are giving over your ability to think and reason clearly to someone else. I have reason to believe that the 'thought police' are out there and 'Newspeak' is already in operation. Although nobody has (as far as I know) actually deleted words from the language, the concepts and connotations carried in certain words are no longer recognised by most people and many of the nuances have already been lost to use. If you want to test this theory, try out a pun on any group of teenagers and see if they understand it, know the meanings of the words you have used and if know what a pun actually is and can explain it back to you. Keep trying them until you reach a complete lack of understanding - it won't take long.

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