Does the finish affect the sound?

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  1. Does the finish, eg. lacquer, silver, gold, make a difference to the sound quality? I would have thought that silver or gold plate, being heavier, adds weight and resilience to the instrument, but I'm guessing here.
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    Very interesting question, one which I'd like answered too. Vic is constantly nagging to get her horn rose lacquered but don't know whether we dare in case it alters the sound.
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    I don't know the answer, but I am quite aware of the fondness for rose bells on trombones in the States?!
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    - doesn't she really want a custom rose brass bell (not just a coloured lacquer)?? ;)

    post edit:- a rough and ready guide about trom. bells can be found on the Edwards site linked below ...

    materials ...

    finish ...
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    I have recently purchased an Eclipse Flugel and Cornet, and was told the following.
    "When choosing a finish, bear in mind the impact will have on the sound. Relative to raw brass, laquer will warm the sound, silver plate will brighten the sound and gold plate will leave the sound virtually unchanged".
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    Yes I believe it does. I tried all 4 models of the Xeno before picking mine and there was a sure difference between them.
  7. It does make a difference, only slight on smaller isntruments the effect is more noticable on bigger ones - not a huge difference though as the plating or lacquering is only thin.

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