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    ...whatever happened to Boldon Colliery Band. I have left this question on the message boards of most North Eastern bands, none of which have seen fit to respond to me, being a bit of a message board addict at the moment (it's the nightshifts;)) I thought I'd ask here.
    I used to play for them, we had a bit of a rough ride of things (I mucked them around bigtime) and then I moved down south and haven't been able to think about banding since in case I did that to another band. Please can someone let me know, I used to monitor their website to see how they were doing, then suddenly they just *disappeared*.....
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    I would have thought Steve Malcolm at Ever Ready (reg vardy) would know - I remember he used to conduct them
    When I was asked to take at Ever Ready to Spennymoor contest (Brass in Concert) in the early 1990s I remember doing a concert the week before, at the town of Boldon Colliery at a local school. The audience was full of young people (and parents) who were either playing in the school band or Boldon colliery juniors - I too would like to know what has happened to banding in that area - must be pretty worrying for the North East - I know that entries were down at the area this year

    john roberts

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