Does anyone know where you can download free brass band mp3s?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by matt_BBb_bass, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. matt_BBb_bass

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    Does anyone know where you can download free brass band mp3s?

    Thanks Matt


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    Please note that tMP strongly supports proper use of copyrighted works. Unless the copyright owners have specifically authorized works to be made available via download, such downloads are likely to be in violation of applicable copyright laws. Permission to record a work often does not include permission to broadcast or distribute the performance via the Internet.

    Copyright is a complex issue - a good place to begin learning about it is the tMP Copyright FAQ.
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    Additionally Robert, I'd also like to direct Bands to THIS SITE which contains details of the MCPS-PRS Joint Online Licence.

    Hosting MP3 recordings of copyrighted material on a website that is not covered by a JOL (or if it's streaming audio only, possibly a Limited Online Exploitation Licence (LOEL)) may be in voilation of copyright law which may be actionable.

    I wouldn't want anyone to fall foul of that :eek:
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  6. Redhorn

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    Theres LOADS of free SA music to listen to and download at
    Quality isnt great, but its still a good resource.
  7. Try Brasscast - a weekly podcast featuring bands from all over the world. The podcast usually features 4 or 5 tracks from a recent CD recording. You can get the whole back catalogue too, which are 30 mins each and it's been going for more than a year, so there's a huge amount of listening to catch up on.

    If you don't already know, iTunes will manage podcasts for you, and allow you to listen on any PC...

    This week the Brass Band Konkordia Zwingen from Switzerland playing Pastime With Good Company by Henry 8 arranged by S. Roberts, Light Walk B. Gott, Breezin Down Broadway by Goff Richards and All I ask of you by Andrew Lloyd Webber arranged by Mowat...
  8. Steve Marcus

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    All Brass Band Radio broadcasts FM quality BB music 24/7. You can access it at no cost from or

    For a small payment that is described on those websites, you can upgrade to CD quality with no commercials.
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  10. premacyblue

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    I normally go to and click on the music tab,delete all but .mp3 and then put a universal search for brass band or the track you require

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