Does anyone have/know...?

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  1. Vickitorious

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    ... of someone or somewhere I could borrow/rent a Natural Horn from?

    I would like to try and take it up, or at least have a go see if it would be possible to take on and maybe have a few lessons on it, to see if it is worth considering doing as my 2nd instrument at college in a couple of years time.

    Obviously I don't want to buy one now as they cost a small fortune..(well, enough!!) so I'm just looking for one to have a go on for a few weeks?

    Anyone? Anywhere?

    Alsooo.. Mellophones! Where could I buy one of them?? I'm a bit confused.. do they come in 2 different shapes? one like a french horn and another like a mahoosive flugel?

    thankyooou, any help or information would be appreciated!

    Vicki Reynolds :grnsm

  2. BoozyBTrom

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    Try Ray Farr at durham uni i know as part of his Courses there he has bought a load of old and obsure instruments and might be able to point you in the right direction.

    hope this helps
  3. Bones

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    Well done for the weekend.

    Try this chap.
    He'll prob know more about it than any of us uncultured brass musicians on here :)

    Also, why not get in touch with the Brass Staff at the northern or the Conservatoire and find out who the Natural horn tutors are.

    As for mellophones, give Shawn pagington at Virtuosi a call.


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  4. tubadaz

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    Mellophones do indeed come in two shapes! There is one shaped like the french horn, but played with the right hand, same as all the brass band instruments. ;)
    There is also one shaped like a flugel, generally used by marching bands. To beg/borrow/buy one of these, try your local marching band. The ones closest to you would be Donisthorpe Scouts and Ibstock Scouts. PM me if you want contact details. :D

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    The best Mellophones (Mellophonium) were made by Conn made famous in the old Stan Kenton band and later used in Brassband vein by JSVB (Gordon Higginbottom) We had a ten piece cabaret band many years ago and bought two from the USA (via Normans) that worked very well - They are in Eb.. Not sure if there's any available now

    I think they were discontinued early 80's ?? 16E Review.htm
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    Couldn't you use a hosepipe and funnel?? :tongue:

    I found this chap on the web - maybe if you contact him he can help? He seems to be UK based.

    Edit: You could also try these people
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  7. Aidan

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    I have a mellophonium (as opposed to a mellophone), the one shaped like a french horn etc.. It's not a particularly great one, but I've used it a fair bit. came with slides for Eb and F, pretty much same playing range as tenor horn, cept you have to false pitch all the pedal notes and there arn't any (tuned) harmonics for them.
    Although I'd recommend taking the trom for your 2nd instrument at college anyway, you'll get far more use from knowing it in later life. The natural instruments market is rather small and most of the french horn players are all over it as they do it as part of their course.

    Drama: Lots of "professional" Natural Horn players are just failed french horn players anyway ;)
  8. Janet Watkins

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    As here! ;)