Does anyone actually work at Alliance Mouthpiece products? Or know about them?

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    Belfast - Northern Ireland
    Hi guys,
    just looking for some advice on getting a new mouthpiece .. I had been recommended the Alliance products and in particular their horn range but despite a few emails to them one ever gets back to you. This has happened to a few others I know when trying to get a message to either Mr Webster or whoever else works at the site or business and the 'can't be bothered' to reply approach has cost them quite a few orders with many including myself thinking of goint to Alan Gregory musical supplied to get one.
    I am looking to see if 1. Does anyone know anything about their new range of mouthpieces ? as both Owen Farr and Richard Marshall both play on 'new' styled Alliance mouthpieces.. how are they in terms of sound quality and range and does the A versions really do help with range etc? and 2. does anyone know who else works at Alliance apart from Roger Webster? as their customer service is nigh on terrible and not a good advert for their company.
    I had hoped for a reasonably quick response from questions asked before ordering but no response has left me now going to another seller of the mouthpieces which is a shame as i would have appreciated the help and support from the main suppliers and makers of the new Alliance products.

    If anyone has any experience of the new Alliance mouthpieces especially any horn ones I would love to hear your views on them especially on the tone, flexibility and range from them. Also is ever possible to try a mouthpiece before you fork out nearly £60 for a gold rimmed version which is a lot when one is a student not working etc.
    Any help or advice on the Alliance products would be greatly appreciate..

    many thanks
    CD :)
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  2. Hsop

    Hsop Member


    With regards to Alan gregory I had a bad experience with them. I ordered an alliance flugel mouthpiece, waited 2 weeks and it never appeared. Phoned them and they told me it was out of stock but they hadn't bothered to communicate this to me. I waited another 2 weeks and it still never arrived so I phoned and asked for a refund. It took them over a week to put the money back into my account after numerous phone calls and mentions of trading standards! They advertise a lot of products that they don't have in stock unfortunately.

    After this I contacted the alliance website, no response after 2 days. Later emailed richard marshall (black dyke) and he was helpful as shortly afterwards I got an Email from alliance telling me they had the mouthpiece in stock so I ordered one then. It was delivered in 3 days.

    In conclusion I have an alliance RM1 mouthpiece, similar to a wick 2, and a BVT soprano mouthpiece. Both work well for me, are nicely finished items and both come in leather cases. Price wise I would say is good for the product and the quality is good. It's difficult to find a soprano mouthpiece that works but this one suits me fine.

    Good luck finding the right mouthpiece for your horn.


    Belfast - Northern Ireland
    Hi Hsop,
    many thanks for replying to my question and for the advice you have given regarding Alan Gregory.. Sorry for the delayed reply to you but was in hospital for more tests folling an illness sustained after my horrendous accident with being knocked down...
    So sorry for only getting back to you now!..

    I will certainly take that on board if i do decide to go with them but wll look elsewhere but don't really know anywhere else that sells the Alliance mouthpieces. As of today Alliance have not replied to the message i left thru their website which makes theor customer service absolutely terrible, un professional and a total joke!! They simply don't care about their customers or would-be customers!! As you have mentioned, unless you contact those in the know or principal player like Richard Marshall to help Alliance or those behind the company don't go out off theor way to help or advise any new customers. This is a real shame as know several in my own band would be looking to try and buy the new Alliance range but on my experience i don't think they are going to bother now as they too can see the unprofessiona ism here with me and will be looking elsewhere, losing Alliance around £600!! not a sum to be sniffed at in the current climate but maybe Alliance can survive on the other orders they get but for most businesses £600 is a lot of money!!

    You seemed to have got sorted and the product seems to good quality from what you say.. it's a pity they never got back to me as they have lost one customer in me now and a host of others from my band which is not a good advert for them and I will now source a horn mouthpiece elsewhere that will help in what i'm looking for.. The Wick 2 which has been a horn standard is for me a little uncomfortable and the range is slightly harder to achieve, for me..

    If you know any other music suppliers that do Alliance please let me know but if not i'll search for another type from the U.S possibly or try a Yamaha to go along with the neo horn i play at the minute!

    Thank you again for taking time to reply and all the best in your own playing

    kind regards

    CD :)
  4. monody

    monody Member

    I've never gotten on with the Wick 2. I played an Alliance 3 for the last few years but in Feb. I switched to a Sheona White signature model. On first trial I didn't like it but I decided to take it to rehearsal and I'm really glad I did.
  5. thepublican

    thepublican New Member

    I've been playing on an alliance 3 since I've returned to horn playing 18 months ago. I tried a wick heritage 2 as well. I really like the alliance and hated the wick!

    Got out the alliance from Alan Gregory, but went to the shop never ordered online from them.
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