Does a house have feelings?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by sugarandspice, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Right then, I've been on a marathon house veiwing week and noticed that each house seems to have its own "feel" or "feels" right, or "feels" wrong etc but have never before really considered that a house would have feelings?

    Does anyone else have any idea what im talking about because i think i'm getting confused with myself!

    Anyway, I've ended up buying a house and im so pleased,its lovely and once again......"feels" right. But as it happens the house was very influenced by Feng Shui, which ive never really known anything about. Do you think this really can change how a house feels and do you think this could have had any influence over the fact that this was the only house out of many that "felt" right for me?!
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    Well I'm quite surprised that none of the chaps on here have invited you round to their house for a feeling :biggrin:
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    I know exactly what you mean. We stayed at someone's house years ago when I was a kid, and the minute I walked inthe door I just felt a wave of sadness. It was really spooky, I didn't feel happy the whole time we were in the house.
    We go on holiday in holiday cottages quite a lot, and I often think the house has a kind of flustered feel about it for a while after we arrive. It usually settles down after a day or so.
    Not sure about the actual house having feelings, or whether there are really ghost and stuff, but I do think peoples emotions can resonate through a place. I've always wanted to go to Auschwitz to see if it's true what people say about it.
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    We used to have a factory unit near an old German concentration camp, very very spooky place. Although there were woods next to the unit, there were no birds or any sounds of nature to be heard.

    Not a popular place to visit.
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    Well!.........;) Hee hee!

    I've moved house a lot so i know that the a house feels better when youve got all your things in and can call it your own etc,but i juts find that initial feeling really interesting.
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    Ah, house hunting. We're about to embark on a viewings mission. Fun fun fun! I'll keep an eye out for the houses' feelings.
  7. I think houses have 'feelings' for people who are open to to the idea. A house can feel right or wrong to anyone but the spooky stuff appears for people who are sensitive to it. My husband can see ghosts and had seen my little brother appear, I have felt his presence. My parents house has a female ghost which makes it creepy at night for me when she's around as we don't know who she is. Again my husband has seen it but my parents don't feel anything and don't like me talking about when my brother 'comes down'.
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    Does a house have feelings

    I always think houses have feelings, I am self emp plumber, and have to visit loads of domestic houses, and some houses always make me feel welcome and i know i am going to get the quote, others make me feel so unwelcome , or unfriendly i sometimes never bother even to quote, this applies to new houses as well, I saw my bungalow, felt at home and bought it, 21years ago, and still feel welcome, and it never complaines when i practice without a mute, :clap: :clap: