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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by YellowTubs, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. YellowTubs

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    The new Doctor Who music thats been released for bands....

    Anyone heard/seen/tried it yet?


    We have been playing it at Deveron River for a couple of weeks now (the suite of 5 pieces.) Seems pretty good Not the most difficult stuff to play, but does push a junior band/lower section band. I think that it will be a good crowd pleaser. :clap:
  3. Rapier

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    Who is it published by?
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    I think it's published by Kirklees - would be interested in hearing it - fan of Doctor Who!
  7. bassendworld

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    Recommend it its great as mentioned above for lower section bands

    some effective percussion + needs all parts
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    The very thought of playing "Dr Who" music (a term no doubt loosely used) fills me with dread...........
  10. DMBabe

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    Me too! Mostly cos of him indoors being a sci-fi geek and would probably spontaneously combust at the thought...... mind u he is well insured.....;)
  11. Rapier

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    It's OK it's not by Bernaerts! :wink:
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    Well, if something as simple a "Cute" can be published and recorded and rearranged by Philip Sparke, I guess a simple arrangement of Dr. Who Medley can and should be done. I remember playing "Cute" when I was about 10 years old and wasn't challenged by it then :eek:

    Outside of test pieces and contesting pieces, you have to have some fun songs to play that are also audience pleasing.

    I really liked the arrangement of Leroy Anderson's Typewriter that uses the xylophone instead. It is not a hard piece to play but audiences love it.

    I will be very interested to see (hear?) a recording of the Dr. Who arrangement.

  14. Eb_Alex

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    You could hear it on a while ago, don't know if its still there.

    You could also listen to his arrangement of the Casino Royale theme, which I'm told is to be released later this year.
  15. Rapier

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    Yep, still there. Sounds like the basses may be busy.


    It certainly keeps the tongue lively! Good for practicing Tripple tongueing!
  17. DocFox

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    Might be some more "creative ways" to practice this skill.


    Quite possibly, but I will take all the chances to practice technique that I can get. ;) and my son loves Dr who, so entertains him as well. it has even made it's way onty my mobile phone as my ring tone:rolleyes:
  19. DocFox

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    Well, all fun kidding aside, I would love to hear a band play the arrangement. I too, am a big fan of Dr. Who. We get it here in the US via BBC International and the Sci-Fi channel on cable TV. I wish we would get more UK TV here. Better than some of the junk put out by US studios.

    But the music is good. I bought both CDs recorded by the BBC National Orchestra. Since it is now for sale, I hope someone records it soon.

    ABERDEEN LOON -- tell your son he has good taste!


  20. DocFox

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    I hope it is the original Casino Royale (Herb Albert Style). I LOVED that theme, although the remake of the movie was better.