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  1. Ali

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    Christmas has come early for the Dobcross Silver band because it is pleased to announce that is has gained success in applying for an ‘Awards for All’ lottery grant. The band which is Oldham and its surrounding areas (including Saddleworth’s) only Championship section band has had to rely on heavy borrowing and hiring of percussion items during its time in the top section, but thanks to the successful application that Dobcross submitted, this won’t be the case any more. The band has been given £5000 towards a whole new set of percussion items including a vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, 36” timp and a set of tubular bells. The tubular bells are worth in excess of £2000 alone. The band still have to raise the final £3000 to purchase all of the equipment and a good Christmas will ensure that Dobcross will be put on a par with most of the other Championship bands in the country when it comes to percussion equipment.

    This good news has not come too soon for the band. It has gone through a transitional period with player and positional changes during the summer months but things are once again moving in the right direction. The band has been extremely busy since its performance at Pontin’s at the end of October and since Armistice Day; Dobcross has been performing every weekend up until the now famous Christmas concert which is to be held at the Dobcross Band Club on the 19th of December. Doors open at 19:00 hours and people are advised to turn up early if they want a table or even a seat for that matter.

    The band is then back for a gruelling three week period starting on the 3rd of January as Dobcross is committed to performing at the Butlins Mine Workers Open Championships, taking place from the 21st- 23rd of January and the new percussion equipment will certainly come in handy as the band gets to grips with ‘Harmony Music’ that is for sure. Dobcross are also committed to a concert wholly dedicated to the Viennese style marches and waltzes that were popular in their time. The Viennese concert is on the Saturday before Butlins and is at the Shaw Playhouse near Oldham.

    Alan Hodgkinson
    Dobcross Silver Band
  2. Naomi McFadyen

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    Fantastic stuff! :)

    But wow! A 36" timp!.... that's massive.... :lol:

    (32 is more than enough really) ;)
  3. PeterBale

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    Congratulations, Alan, and I'm sure the band will really reap the benefit! Well done to all those involved in putting together the application as well ;)
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    Many congrats Al. Good news!
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    I agree..... The Cost v Usage ratio doesn't add up.... and, you'll find it a right pain in the posteria to transport.

    I think in all my hundreds of year playing (well, that's what it feel like ! :D ), I've used a 36" Timp maybe 3 times... and none of them was in a Brass Band.

    I'm pleased for you in getting your Lottery dosh, but if you're really wanting Percussion gear, try to be sensible about it. I've found for the times when you actually do need something "different", it's cheaper to hire it, and keep your working capital for what you do need.

    There are plenty of people out here in TMP Land that could give you some advice, I'm sure.... Feel free to ask !

    Right, business lesson over ! :D

    Mark (and Yes, I am a Percussionist ! :D )
  6. Ali

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    All of the percussion gear that the band has bought was well thought about before we decided to purchase these items. We brought in two of our freinds from Fodens to give us advise and help on what we needed and what was best for the band.
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    please dont tell me u have trusted lando with any kind of decision!!! ;)