Dobcross Silver Fighting Fit Again!

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    Dobcross Silver Band would like to announce signings for the area contest.
    After a turbulent year in 2006 nearly culminating in the band having no members, 2007 has seen the band rebuild significantly. Only one player, Susan Whitby, a member for the last 30 years, remains from the Championship Band that sat 5th in the North West in from 2003 – 2007.

    The band is now made up of people of all ages from Rhys Taylor, percussionist aged 8 and brother Kieran, 3rd cornet, aged 9 to members in their 50s who wish to remain nameless.

    Recent signings include the entire Taylor Family the two boys mentioned earlier and their mum Janet, bumper up and Dad, Howard on BBb Bass.

    Sop player, 14 year old Ben Halstead from Oldham Music Centre, 2nd Cornets Rachel Hall and Liz Black from Stockport Schools and Diggle B band respectively and Kieran, mentioned above and Hannah Harrison from Littleborough Band, along with Susan Whitby and Tom Haslam make up the Cornet Section.

    Jodie Senior from Dobcross Youth has joined on Flugel horn after a 12 month absence from playing.

    The Tenor Horns are Kate Stevenson who joined from Dobcross Youth early last year along with Helen Frost who has returned to playing after a seven year break.

    The Baritones are brothers Steven and Michael Cavanagh who play for Stockport Schools Brass Band as well.

    George Adamson, a previous member of Soham Old Comrades Band joined on Solo Euphonium after an absence of 6 years playing and was soon after joined by James Brooks on 2nd euphonium from Diggle B Band.

    Solo Trombone, Rob Sankey arrived from Oldham Brass after an absence from playing and has been joined by Georgina Wright from Littleborough Band on 2nd Trombone.

    The Bass Team are Paul Conchie EEb and Howard Taylor BBb and Percussionist Rhys Taylor make the line-up of permanent members.

    We would like to express our thanks to several people who have come out of retirement or are willing to help the band go to the area contest, namely:-

    Jack Gardner, Alan Ball, Steve Bradnum, Rob Savage, Neil Hewson, Simon Pymm and Eleanor Chester.

    Musical Director, Dennis Hadfield had this to say,

    “We are very proud of the way things have turned out over previous months. The focus was to get Dobcross Silver back on an even keel and attending this years area contests.
    An amazing amount of hard work has gone in to achieve this and we hope that we can continue this after the area contest and we’re looking forward to a brighter future. I would personally like to thank everyone involved in keeping this incredible band going.”

    The Committee and the Musical Director would like wish all the other bands going to the area contest this year the Best of Luck.
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    Helen, I wish you and all the people at Dobcross all the best.

    My own band had a similar fate befall it in 1989 when over half the band, including most of the best players, all left. The people left recruited everyone they could think of, including myself, in a major rebuilding program. We dropped from Championship section all the way down to 4th over the years. But since 2002, with the same core of players we have fought our way back up through the sections and are now in our third year back in the 1st section. Who knows, after the Scottish we could be all the way back. Its been a long hard trek with plenty of bad days on the way but the good days make it all worthwhile and I am proud to have been a part of it.
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    All the best to Dobcross for the areas!
    So good to see the band rebuild and survive the hard times. :)
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    I am happy that Dobcross have made a turn around and that you have managed to get some good players. Interesting line up I think I have met a few playing in the champion section contests etc
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    After reading the North West Regional thread, I am a little concerned with what has been written.

    Though I send my best wishes to Dobcross Band, it would be wrong to have lost the band altogether.
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    Here we go again. (Yawn)