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    Mossley, Gtr Manchester
    DSB are still on the hunt for players to join our friendly hardworking team based in the heart of Saddleworth.

    We're a sociable bunch with a sensible engagement list which includes the Durham Miners Gala, currently under the baton of Mr Dan Price.

    Do you play Eb or Bb Bass, Bass Trom or Euph? have you played in the past and want to get back into the swing of things? come and try us out, get in touch come down to a rehearsal we would be delighted to see you.

    We rehearse in our own band club in the beautiful village of Dobcross Mon & Weds 8-10 anyone who's interested drop us a message.

    Whilst we're specifically on the hunt for Bass/Euph players anyone is welcome to join us for a blow.
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