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    Its been an interesting few months for the famous Dobcross Silver Band, having losing there MD through retirement from conducting and various players deciding to leave for a number of reasons the future looked a little bleak. However, with a little hard work from members of the band and a little luck, the future looks extremely bright.
    With an ambitious MD, Kenny Pain and a band that has commitment, loyalty and self belief they have not only attracted 1 or 2 new players but a fantastic 12 new players, Achieving this by retaining a strong sense of banding integrity.
    The band was sorry to see a players leave, such as Ben Halstead (Soprano )who is starting at the Royal Welsh College of Music in September, James Brookes (Euphonium) and Adam Nield (Cornet)have decided to fly the Dobcross nest and move to other bands. As we all know this is part of banding, people come and people go, but one thing is for certain we wish them all the very best in the future.
    It’s been many years since Dobcross Silver Band were in the top tier of banding and at one stage a few years ago the band were even down to single figures, but with hard work Dobcross began the slow climb back up the ladder. Being able to now boast a full band with some extremely talented and experienced players the climb will no doubt steadily gather momentum. With a horn section that any band would be jealous of, a youthful Euphonium section that is already impressing the MD; if you put that all together with the rest of the band and with a few months hard work, Dobcross Band will once again be showing that they are heading in the right direction ……up.
  2. Actually Dobcross were in the top tier as recently as 2006. I wouldn't call that many years.
    The band lost virtually all its players and requested a re-grading for 2007.
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    From 2003 to 2007, Dobcross was in the Championship Section. Apparently the band lost practically all its players in 2006 and nearly folded. I'm not associated with the band in any way, I just read what was on their website. (BTW Kenny, white on black is devilish difficult to read :( ).

    If a week is a long time in politics, 5 years is a lifetime in banding. If the band has reformed and is working hard, then I say 'well done' and good luck to them :clap:
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    Thanks very much ....I would say maybe using the word "many" was a little ott so Maybe I should Have wrote "a few years" or "a number of years" so I apologise for the miss use, but the thought behind this thread was to add a positive spin on a difficult time that the band has had lately and with the commitment from the band and like I said a little luck the band is thriving again.

    Anyway I shall get it edited next time as English was not my forte at school (to busy in the music room) :biggrin: :biggrin:

    There is a new website being built at the moment, still has work to do but coming along nicely . dobcrosssilverband.wordpress.c​om:clap:
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    Hello Kenny,
    I am really pleased to hear you and the band are on the way up at a time when so many bands are struggling for players. :clap:
    It is nice to see someone being positive and your post can only have a positive affect on the band. Keep up the hard work and dont mind some immaterial comments on date technicalities!!!

    Onwards and upwards! ;)
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    Thanks Pete .....:clap::p