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    I see on 4 Bars rest that Dobcross and there conductor have parted company,it seems a bit strange, they did really well under him. I heard them once or twice in contests and a number of times at whit Friday and they always sounded very good. I presume Mr Hadfield is moving onto bigger things.

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  2. euphfanhan

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    I take it you mean 4barsrest?
  3. SuperCat

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    The band had lost some players, so perhaps they are rebuilding and starting a-fresh?
  4. Ali

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    After 4 years with the band, I would just like to wish them well for the future, whatever their current state.
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    Wonder if this thread will generate 8 or so pages like a similar thread has done.
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    It seems that going into 2007 there are alot of high level changes happening in quite a few bands - there seems to be many players moving about and MD changes etc.
    It will be quite interesting to see if all these changes affect the current 'status quo' for next year.
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    the january transfer window has opened early
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    Having been to Dobcross Band Club, and also heard the superb Dobcross Youth Band, I fear much less for the future of Dobcross than most other bands. They'll be fine. I know Mr Hadfield has some players who are quite loyal to him personally and Dobcross might need to fill a few seats in the short term, but it's such a great place to go for rehearsals that they won't have a problem. There does seem to be a degree of upheaval every January, though, doesn't there?
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    Apparently a lot of players had left anyway before Denis Hadfield went. I can't see that many players going to Frickley with him, its miles away and don't think they have that many vacancies anyway.