Dobcross Band in the 1980's

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    A guy on youtube has put up some really cool videos of the Dobcross Band playing an outdoor concert in the mid eighties. It was part of a television programme entitled "Summer Brass."

    Some of the stuff they play is just beautiful:

    Judging by what I've read online, I think the Dobcross Band have dropped a section or two since.......
    I'm lead to believe that back in the day, they reached 1st Section?

    Also - check out other videos of the band with Roy Castle on "The Brass Beat" featuring interviews with bandsmen and conductor at the time Les Beevers.

    As I watch these videos over and over again (for the music) I've become more and more obsessed with some of the people in the band.
    Does anyone know any of these people, and are they still banding?

    For example, the young euph player seems to be the lead euph player, and the sop. player - they both appear very interesting characters.

    Are they still around?

    Check out the videos, they're very nostalgic, especially the hair styles and attire of the audience!!!
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    As far as I know, Dobcross were Championship Section up until 2007 but asked for regrading and competed in the 3rd Section in 2008 and and won 3rd section Regional in 2009. From January 2009 will be competing in the 2nd.
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    I wonder..... Is John Wolfenden on there. Anyone remember him? I used to live next door to him as a kid. He used to come round and practice with me. Some great stories of him in rehearsals and I know first hand that he lived and died for the band.
  4. We were an established Championship Section band up until late 2007/early 2008 where we requested to be regraded as we were practically rebuilding the band. As Alan says, we won the North-West Area this year and will be competing in 2nd Section as of January.

    As for the players...Sue Whitby, who can be seen on Repiano is still with us on Repiano, she is currently the longest serving member of the band having been with us for over 30 years! The 2nd Baritone player who's name escapes me is now at Diggle Band along with conductor Les Beevers.
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    also Kirsten Thomas (previously Flugel at Fodens) on 3rd solo cornet and is it a young ste booth on solo euph?
  6. Mr Booth certainly did play with Dobcross. Now on the other side of the world.
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    Mate, dont get me confused with someone else!!!!!
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    Certainly looks like stephen Booth on euph. Also looks like Norman Christie on 3rd man. Drummer went on to play at Faireys I think
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    I believe the PC was Chris Winter. If my memory serves me correctly, sadly he committed suicide. I remember driving him home after he'd had a few sherberts one night, he was lying on the back seat of the car with his feet out of the window! Great player and a real character. There is a Whit Friday trophy presented in his honour to the best local junior soloist at Dobcross.
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    Dobcross band

    Definitley Chris Winters on Principal Cornet and sadly he did commit suicide.
    A few more names that I can add.
    Think it's Richard Foden on drums, played at Brighouse for a while.
    The late Gordon Cutt on Bb bass and great bloke and player Steve Coefield on 2nd Trombone.