Do you think the move to a Kapitol Owned registry is Good, Bad or . . . . .

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Do you think a move to a Kapitol owned registry is . . .

  1. Good all round

  2. Bad all round

  3. Good, with some reservations

  4. Bad, with possible exceptions

  5. Other?!

  1. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Excellent statistics however you are clearly being selective in not including the "silent majority" of 14,547 members who haven't voted on this :tongue: (firmly in cheek)
  2. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    Jim was that actually a serious post?!
    Are you actually seriously putting such a tiny response as real evidence that the population is in total sync with your personal views? Oh dear, are you a conspiracy theorist too?!...
  3. JimBrass

    JimBrass New Member

    Hey Sonorous,

    Are your eyes working???

    Which bit of "all other polls" are you incapable of comprehending?

    Go on, name ONE poll that supports Kapitol.

    What I have is not a conspiracy, but rather a confluence of sample trends.

    It is Kapitol that conspired against the Brass band movement. You are just making a lame attempt at covering fire...
  4. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    your exact words my friend. And from the rest of the name calling it appears you have a little bit of a personal vendetta.this is a shame as it doesn't help the very good work by people like Francis (who i may not agree with but who at least is going about things the right way with passion and constructive effort)
  5. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    Just read the news item on 4barsrest regarding sbba. Now this is what these bodies should be concentrating on rather than petty squabbles about registration of players!
    well done sbba
  6. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Not so sure it is a petty squabble as you suggest however some people do feel strongly about the taking over of the registration by Kaptiol - not so many feel strongly in favour of Kapitol however.

    I took a poll of the 58 Yorkshire contesting bands and here's my results, please make of it what you will

    1) for the BBBR 32
    2) for Kapitol 5
    3) undecided 7
    4) no response 14

    Thanks for the nice comment Sonorous
  7. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    I remain convinced that there is a solution to this through BBE. I believe there are enough BBE member associations represented on tMp to answer this simple question:

    If a member association proposes to BBE that it instigates a new National Competition from 2014 under ownership of BBE, will you support it?

    If, as I suspect, the answer is yes, then get cracking and do exactly that! Talk of boycotts, marching on the BBC, writing to your MP and even getting Sue Perkins on board will imho go nowhere for the following reasons:

    • The new registry fees for 2013 remain level with those of BBBR
    • The costs of running any event go up from year to year - so the cost of entering the Regionals has gone up so why not?
    • From all the commentary I have seen, the financial issues are down to £50 for those bands who registered with BBBR for 2 yrs, the costs of a set of new photographs and an SAE - hardly on a scale with world hunger, the shooting of Palestinians in Gaza or the Saville scandal!

    Back to my first question, I did consider a poll on here but have no way of validating who has responded - accepting that your answer will not at this point be an official one, could I suggest a PM to me confirming your association and your status with them to answer that question - I will publish the answer here as % (not disclosing how you voted).

    If this comes in at 100%, and the associations fail to make such a proposal or BBE subsequently fail to implement it, then it's time to accept we are where we are and be grateful that Kapitol are keeping this contest alive.

    (For the record, I actually don't believe we need registration, am not in a band that currently contests Nationally and am simply making suggestions on how to get a longer term fix in place for an issue that seems to get a lot of people unnecessarily hot under the collar!)
  8. JimBrass

    JimBrass New Member

    Hello again, Sonorous!

    As a gentle reminder, please use the words "exact" a little more, er, exactly - these were my exact words:

    You left out the bit where I referenced all other polls reinforcing the trend on this one, thus indicating a strength of feeling that went beyond 150-odd people.
  9. JimBrass

    JimBrass New Member

    Pauli, I think you may be on to something here...
  10. JimBrass

    JimBrass New Member

    Sonorous, a rare point of agreement between us.

    SBBA comes off very well here. All kudos to them, and more grease to their elbow (not to mention more G's to their bank accounts).

    BUT BUT BUT! Even here, looking beneath the surface, a curious fact comes to light.

    SBBA actually runs their "national" regional contest as a regional qualifier to the UK Nationals, side by side with Wales and the various English Regions.

    They also run their own registry.

    This places them in a very strong position, accomplishing synergies between membership fees, contest charges, registration fees and other band seeding initiatives that benefits the whole without a Kapitalist in sight.

    Obviously, saying that Associations can't run registries or contests is proven demonstrably wrong by SBBA - hence my argument that rather than taking registration responsibilies off BBE, Kapitol should rather be yielding more of certainly the English Regionals to the BBE.

    There is no doubt that had SBBA been a business instead of a cooperative, there would have been less welfare and missiological benefits to bands, but more cash rewards to a couple of bland directors and Morris-driving shareholders...!

    Again, bands know this, hence the majority reaction expressed contra Kapitol on this one.
  11. JimBrass

    JimBrass New Member

    Well done Francis, for valuing the opinions of your bands in your region.

    I really hope this sentiment moves bands to actually act to make people think again before it is too late.

    Bands work ruddy hard to contest and concert, so we should not be taken for granted that we will always do stuff regardless.
  12. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    The achievements of the SBBA are legion and impressive, but any praise should be tempered with the fact that as with other aspects of Scottish life, they are in comparison to England awash with public money. It would have taken an incredible feat of English type incompetence for the SBBA as body to have missed out on the arts funding bonanza that Scotland is currently enjoying. Couple that with the relative small size of Scotland and the fact that the British National Championship works for them and is not a barrier to uniting them as a banding nation, as it is for us English, then I would have been more surprised if they had`nt made a success of things.
    I suggested it seven years ago, perhaps it`s time we in England went our own way.
  13. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    No one is saying that associations can’t run registrations or contests. Not a single person. The fact that SBBA is a success simply highlights the failings of BBE. Although it is true that they’ve had a much easier time to make it a success (with money seemingly falling from the sky). And suggesting that this is because they run their own registry is ridiculous. How the hell is arts funding to go to youth projects related to this? Is it the suggestion that they wouldn’t get it if they didn’t have their own registry?!! poppycock!

    Basically BBE made a pigs ear of the registry recently so Kapitol decided to do it themselves. And for those saying that they managed ok before hand, remember that the people who were so praised for doing this are no longer there, and have given support to Kapitol themselves (while damning BBE).

    And even that isn’t the crux of the argument. The basic point is that Kapitol are simply entitled to do this. And the main players within the contesting scene are all backing them in doing it. Whether BBE can run the registry without it’s key personnel has nothing to do with this. Their registry still exists. It will only cease if all the other contests decide that the Kapitol registry is the one they want to use. BBEs fate is in BBEs hands. Lets see if they’re the attractive, useful and successful force that they claim to be. If it turns out they’re not, then thank god they aren’t ‘running’ banding anymore!
  14. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    It`s important to compare like with like, the SBBA is a fully empowered and funded body running all or most aspects of Scottish banding, BBE quite clearly is`nt anything of the sort....yet!
    You can`t bemoan the qualities of England`s national body when it`s never been in charge of English banding and perhaps more pertinently has only been in existence for a few months as an organisation representing English bands only.
    It`s interesting that Kapitol chose to pick this fight, a few short weeks after BBE filled the void of England not having it`s own nationwide body when it rebranded from the BFBB....a united English voice frightens them in my opinion.
  15. The Godfather

    The Godfather Member

    Would you care to name 'The main players' in the contesting scene who are backing Kapitol ? I am sure we would all love to know.
  16. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    The Open, Lancaster Contests where announced recently
  17. Sonorous

    Sonorous New Member

    Simply talking about the other main contests. If they decide to not go with kapitol then bbe retain the main registry and kapitol may well have to eventually abandon their registry to avoid a continuing dual system.
  18. The Godfather

    The Godfather Member

    Thanks Sonorous and Tubafran. Just the Open and Lancashire Contests ? (plus the Nationals of course) Well, we will wait and see.
  19. boourns

    boourns Member

    And the common denominator is?

    I've heard, admittedly second hand, that Mr Hodges took it upon himself to speak to each contest secretary at the recent Northern Open to 'discuss' the registry situation in person.
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  20. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Wasn't that to explain how they would deal with the registration of players at the Northern? As they weren't using existing registry cards but a list of players provided by the bands before the contest:confused: