Do you remember the British Mouthpiece?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Furcot, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Furcot

    Furcot New Member


    I am trying to find past editions of the British Mouthpiece newspaper.

    It was started in May 1959 by my grandfather & then taken over by my father but they did not keep copies of what they produced.

    I recently came into possession of the first 2 volumes but am interested on any information anyone may have about the paper or where I can view past editions.

    Many thanks
    George Beckingham
  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Good morning and :hi to tMP George. :)

    Good luck with your search.

    Diane x
    tMP Moderator. :)
  3. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    I only ever had one copy of it and i got it free at The May Belle Vue Contest in 1977.

    Found it very good a pity it is still not going today,would be a good paper to have:clap:
  4. Active Member

    At some time in the past the name must have been acquired by British Bandsman.

    In the details panel on the penultimate page of current issues of British Bandsman it states;

    Incorporating Brass Band News, British Mouthpiece and International Bandsman.
  5. croker16

    croker16 New Member

    British Mouthpiece magazine

    I am posting this reply nearly 4 years after the original posting because I have only just read the posting by George Beckingham (Furcot).
    He asks if anybody has news of the original British Mouthpiece . i worked in the offices in Gloucestershire when the magazine was first produced and still have quite a few copies of the first 3 volumes, if george would like to contact me as i worked with his Grandfather and indeed played in City of Gloucester Band.
    I am the MD of Appledore Band in North Devon and my e-mail is
    sorry about the delay but hey its only 4 years
    John Croker
  6. WhiteStickMan

    WhiteStickMan New Member

    Wasn't The British Mouthpiece located at The Mechanics Institute, Shuttleworth, Ramsbottom during the days of the late Ted Buttress?
  7. croker16

    croker16 New Member

    I believe the first issue of the British Mouthpiece was in 1959. The offices were at a village close to the Forest of Dean at Blakeney and the Mouthpiece was part of a number of firms set up by an Indian gentleman called Salariya (or similar). I worked there for a couple of years before moving on and I am not sure what happened eventually to the British Mouthpiece. At the time I was there the Editor was George Beckingham
    John Croker

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