Do you look at your own website?!

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    The title says it all. . . blimey people, some bands website's are two and three years out of date, searching round for information for something I'm setting up and I can't believe it! It's the modern, public face of your band, I'm sure someone in every band must pop on now and again and notice the diary still has jobs listed for 2009. . . maybe mention this to the Web guy at your band!
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    Very true Gary. I was browsing around various band websites the other day (I like to see what other bands are doing in order to try to keep our website looking up-to-date and with useful info) and was surprised at how many hadn't been updated in ages. There was one proudly displaying on the homepage the fact that their Autumn 2010 newsletter was now ready!

    As you say, it is the public face to your band, as are Facebook and Twitter accounts if your band has them, and they should be used. If people find them and see that they aren't up-to-date then they aren't going to find out about you e.g. come to concerts or join the band if short of players etc.
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    yep we have been guilty of that for various reasons but now we have updated it and its work in progress, not finished yet
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    I joined a band a year ago, and after the area they had there AGM. They were discussing about getting players to join and I mentioned there website was appauling, it is in fact the worst I've seen. Private jokes about players etc. All I got was a dirty look from the person who designed it. I said it in a nice cnstructive critism way and all i was trying to do was help them. I really don't think the rest of the band has ever looked at it. The band website should like a CV
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    Also have to say, given that a lot of these sites are made by amateurs for next to no money, there are some great ones out there too.
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    Ours is updated constantly by our web team.

    We have found using a CMS a godsend as we can update our site in seconds from any internet enabled device anywhere in the world. Also, thanks to the marvels of modern technology and social networking, we have linked all our various online profiles together so that updating one i.e. Twitter, automatically updates the Facebook page and main website. I have also noticed quite a few bands using Facebook and Twitter well to promote the public image of the band.
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    I think this is the crux of the problem with many band's sites - they are just too difficult to update.

    I have just been volunteered to do some updates to my band's website, and to be honest the whole updating process is a total pain in the ****. Our site was designed by someone who knew what they were doing, but I suspect (as this all happened before I joined) that the requirement to update wasn't specified properly by us when we contracted them to design the site. The Enderby organisation has five bands in total, all with their own need to publicise their events, so the need to quickly update should've been top of the list.

    I suspect many bands have the same problem - a great website that looks the biz, but is totally inpractical for what they actually need a site for - IE keeping people informed of the bands activties.
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    Of course, I had a good nosey round before I started coming down, and when I needed info for jobs etc I've found everything I need right there! it's a good site.
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    I think it is possible to have both, but you do need the right initial set up.

    We have tried various incarnations of websites starting with home made HTML to CMS like Joomla, which I liked and was fairly simple to use, and now Wordpress which is fabulously easy to use and customise once it is set up.
    We had our very own whizz kids set it up on the server, then the actual content and updates are managed by a team of 2 people. I think this makes keeping things updated easier and more manageable as it isn't just one poor soul's job.

    It would also be possible to set up multiple users so that different people could be responsible for the management of different pages or sections... handy if your organisation has more than one band say.
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    I am responsible for updating our website at Corby Silver Band. It's not difficult to do, and the longest it goes without being updated is a couple of weeks (usually when I am on holiday). As the account holder, I get an email notification to my own personal email address whenever anyone leaves a message in the guest book or contacts us through the "contact page", so the contact with the band is bought to my attention and I am able to respond quickly. On two occasions we have secured an engagement from people, who have said they tried contacting another local band first but got no response, so I guess they are not checking their emails and guestbooks regularly.
  12. nethers

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    Pretty much all approaches for new bookings and engagements for Dalewool come in via the website... very important to have a good presentation, to keep it relevant to visitors and up to date!
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    You've hit the nail on the head. It needs to look professional but welcoming and above all easy to navigate.

    It's also important that you have a clear objective of what you want the website to do for the band. I think our website ( is pretty good in many ways, but we have found that striking the balance between information for the members, marketing for the band, general interest for the casual viewer and an incentive for potential players is a very hard thing to do. As for updating it, we try to include as many press releases as we can, without resorting to trivialities and inside jokes.
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    I remember a band's website some time ago that was more about nicknames and time in the pub than presenting a professional musical image. Might see if it still exists...
  15. DublinBass

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    Many bands have various internet presence. I guess I feel the band page is for the professional side. Perhaps FB or twitter are for the "fun" side? Or should a band always promote the professional side? Thoughts?
  16. nethers

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    Nothing wrong with some boozy photos on a facebook group as long as the privacy is set right! Don't want that to show higher than your official site on Google.
  17. Crazysop

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    I think that there is room for both the fun side and the professional side if managed correctly. A FB group can be restricted to whoever you want to share the photo's/ information with, i.e band members. Whereas a publically viewable FB page or Twitter profile should be as professional as your website and used to compliment the bands positive online prescence.
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    Using a content management system (a user friendly one!) really helps, I have designed and built several band websites all with a CMS and it is really enables easy and quick updates for example:

    Just the other week after band we were in the pub and updated the band website using an Iphone!!

    Updates are done using a word like editor similar to the way you post a reply on this forum but with extra options that you find on word. It can cost more to set up initially but overall is worth it.

    The web pages get updated very regular compared to the past which is a good thing.

  19. nethers

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    Bit of self promotion - I set up the Dalewool website from scratch, if anyone wants a simple website like this building for their band, feel free to contact me. I do it for fun so won't charge too much! Maintenance is a matter of submitting stories and pictures, no more difficult than posting on this forum.
  20. FlyingCrow

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    I don't think there should be a difference between "professional" or "fun" sides as I'd like to think bands promote themselves as enjoying their art and band experience.
    Social Media is definitely the place for all the trivial stuff which gives that extra insight to your band. Facebook/Twitter give you a chance to interact with your audience. It doesn't have to be riveting stuff but it brings you to people's attention and helps people to feel involed with you. Tweets go out so fast now that tweeting once a day won't even get noticed by most people! Obviously you can take this too far though...
    It does annoy me a little that bands don't seem to follow back on Twitter. Like I said earlier it's great for interaction not just look at us. -That's for the website to deal with!

    -Actually it annoys me a lot that bands don't follow back! It doesn't take much effort does it? It's like saying we're a band + we don't care about you... that's a great way to treat people who take an interest in you.

    Also, aren't you interested in who your fans are? + what they're doing?
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