Do you fancy playing at Everton?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Frontman, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Frontman

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    Ladies and Gents,
    I have been asked by Everton Football Club to see if I can find a Brass Band to play at Goodison Park at the Everton v Birmingham City Game. Please read the following press release;

    We at Everton FC, are looking for a Full brass band to play Christmas carols at Goodison Park on Sunday, 20 December from 2pm before Everton’s match against Birmingham City. The band will be required to accompany a choir of local school children. In return, all band members would be offered tickets to this game.

    Everton FC is also looking for a brass band to play for an hour at Everton One, at Goodison Park on Monday 14 December between 6pm and 8pm, as part of a special Christmas shopping evening.

    Please contact Suzie Myers on 07929 404171.

    Please get in touch with Suzie if you can do this very prestigous job. By the way it will be on Sky TV.
  2. ekimmort

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    Is it true that if you bring your boots you will get a game
  3. stopher

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    My dream job and I can't do it!!!!! Gutted! Unless someone can persuade my girlfriend I don't have to Christmas shopping
  4. super_sop

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    i can confirm that the second job on the list has been taken.

    A group from Abraham Darby Acadamy will be playing carols at the store on Monday night.

    Thank you David for the original post. i know hope to meet some of my heroes!!!!
  5. stotty74

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    I can confirm Greenalls Band will be accompanying the choir on match day :)
  6. super_sop

    super_sop Supporting Member

    sooooooo jelous!!!!
  7. Frontman

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    Thank you to all for you response. Hopefully I will be asked for future events, which I will of course place on tmp.

    Here's hoping that both bands have excellent responses. Quite looking forward to seeing Greenalls on Sky.
  8. stotty74

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    Speaking to the organiser today she asked how many there would be so i said full band of 25...but as we are accompanying a primary school choir we're cutting down to a 10-piece and they are going to mic up the choir.
    Looking forward to it :)

    And thank you Frontman for posting on tmp :)