Do I buy a cornet or trumpet? Help needed!!

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  1. Hi, I'm new to tMP and need some help. I'm a cornetist, doing A-level music and about grade 7/8 although I've never done grades. I've decided its about time I got my own instrument instead of loaning my current one off my band (a Weril - very cheap, fairly crap). The thing is that although brass banding is where my heart is would a trumpet be more useful because then i could play in orchestras and jazz bands etc. What I'm worrying about is, when I go to Uni I definately want to keep playing but its more likely theres gona be an orchestra than a brass band. Oooh its so damned confusing. Any comments welcome. Im thinking of going to Uni at either Glasgow or Royal Holloway. Does anyone know of any bands there? Also, if I got a cornet, which type do you think would be best. I'm not a fan of any Yamahas, i was thinking maybe a Sovereign.
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    Personally, I'd recommend buying a trumpet. Brass bands will almost always give you a cornet for use, normally a pretty good one. I bought a trumpet in preference to a cornet several years ago, just as well really as I'm now playing soprano!

    Trumpets are slightly more versatile, i.e. orchestral work, wind/military bands and suchlike.

    Regarding Glasgow, there are many brass bands in or within a 10 mile radius of Glasgow city centre, ranging from championship right through to 3rd/4th section. I can dig out a list if you like.

    Sorry, I can't really advise on any models, I bought a Yamaha trumpet, no probs with it, a bit thin on sound though, I now play with a (borrowed) Bach Strad. You are maybe better to set a budget and find out some more info from a dealer.
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    Keep saving your money until you definitely decide where you are going to study. By then, you may have found out about the music scene in that locality. As Craigsav83 has correctly said, there are many brass bands in the Glasgow area but the city hosts many groups running various musical styles to suit all tastes. StrathClyde Uni. runs a very successful big band if that what takes your liking. It might be better to use the band of your choice's instrument to maintain compatability with the section.
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    I would recommend a trumpet too. I had the same dilemma when I was doing my 'A' levels. I got a cornet and ended up regretting it and having to buy a Trumpet after my first year at uni. I've since sold my Cornet because I was only playing it at christmas carroling jobs, the rest of the time it was just collecting dust. There are so many more ensembles at university that I found required trumpet rather than cornet ie Jazz band, orchestras, Chamber groups etc. Chances are that you'd be able to borrow a cornet if you joined a brass band anyway.
  5. The decision seems to be pretty unanimous! The problem was that i was leaning towards a cornet, but actually reading these I'm thinking a trumpet's the best way to go! Ok new problem, I know nothing about trumpets. What type should I get? My budgets gona be about 1000 quid for a new one, and then I'll look for it second hand.
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    While Royal Holloway doesn't have its own brass band, we (Egham Band) are based in our own band hall about 10 minutes walk from Royal Holloway, and many of our members used to go there. We can always fit another cornet player in.

    Providing you intend to keep playing in brass bands, you really don't want to restrict yourself by relying on whichever band you play with being willing and able to loan you an instrument, so I'd definitely recommend you get your own cornet. Worry about trumpets later if you find you need one.
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    Unless you are going into the brass band world, a trumpet is probably a better idea than a cornet. Trumpets are the instruments found in orchestras, big bands, jazz combos, wind bands, quintets, symphonic ensembles etc. Cornets are found in the brass band and sometimes in the other groups.
    Many brass bands have cornets for players to borrow, practically no orchestras will have a trumpet for the players to use.

    As for what make and model of instrument to buy - find one that works for you. Any advice that anybody else gives will be based upon their experiences, using their embouchure, mouthpiece, tonal concept etc - everybody is looking for different things in an instrument, you need to find the one that matches what you are looking for.

    If you want some more opinions on various makes, I would recommend checking out some of the other brass sites that exist, such as -many of these have got a large number of instrument review type threads and discussions running.

    Purely personally, I use a Yamaha trumpet and cornet (plus a large number of other instruments - I think I own 4 or 5 Yamahas, along with a number of others) and think they are superb instruments.
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    get a trumpet. If brass bands have a cornet vacancy they will most certainly have a cornet for you to borrow!
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    Yup, since the introduction of lottery (and other) grants, most bands have ample instruments for people to borrow.
  10. Brass Banding is about the only style where you will get a hopefully brand new, top range instrument for free (loan) - but, you never get paid to blow it.

    Other styles - you provide your own instrument - but do get paid to blow it.

  11. Brass Banding is about the only style where you will get a hopefully brand new, top range instrument for free (loan) - but, you never get paid to blow it.
    Other styles - you provide your own instrument - but do get paid to blow it.

    OMG thats is so true and I'd never thought of it before! Haha! So maybe if i buy a trumpet i can save the money i earn to get a cornet...
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    .. as long as you want to keep playing when you start your studies then all will be fine. Try organising a place with a band to secure an instrument to keep in practice when you get there. You may find that if you are not studying music, student life may offer new things to do that could tempt you away from band rehearsals. At least if you buy your own instrument, practice and playing is still an option.
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    Again, like everyone else has said, get a trumpet most bands will have a cornet of some description to loan you if you join.

    As for trumpets you've got a choice, you can go to a reputable dealer and try a few out GBP 1000 is a decent amount to spend. Don't rule any second hand deals out. I would have a go at Vincent Bach Stradivarius, the Stomvi Master is very good, also Conn Vintage One is an excellent trumpet. I play on a Holton MF 370S which suits all styles, I got that on ebay, which brings me to your next option. You can save a lot of money by shopping on ebay or through US dealers direct, the cons with that are, you can't try them out. I gambled a couple of years ago and bought the Holton on ebay and luckily the gamble paid off it's a superb instrument. I was going to sell it but I can't part with it. Your other problem with this option is that you will probably have to pay import tax. I did, but then again I still saved about 700 quid on the list price.

    Anyway, hope there is something of help there.

    Good luck.

    PS You'll love Glasgow, great people, great band and great pubs. I miss it boo hoo!
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    As with the other posters I'd say go for trumpet for pretty much the same reasons.

    There are plenty of brass bands, wind bands and orchestras in Glasgow. I played for quite a few when I was living up there and the bands always lent me a cornet.

    As for which trumpet the list is quite long depending on your budget.

    Obvious ones to try out are

    Vincent Bach Stradivarius - there are various options and bell sizes and it is worth trying out several, even of the same variety, as it is pretty well document by players around the world that some Bach's can be real duffers while others can be absolute gems.

    Stomvi Elite


    Yamaha Xeno

    Less well known but of equal if not better quality:

    Eclipse -
    Taylor -
    Conn Vintage One -
    Edwards -
    Getzen -

    and many more!

    Have fun testing them all out!!!

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    Nicola! long time no dig! buy a cornet, you know you want to...then you can leave red rose and join say...longridge! i really shouldnt be on here, I'm in an IT lesson at the mo, see ya tonight.
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    See Nicola cornets are nicer than trumpets Hanna ses they are aswel.

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    A lot of bands have trumpets for some strange reason, borrow one of those and buy a cornet! You know me and yonhee are right, Nic! And also cornet mouthpieces don't hurt as much if you sit on them.
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    Wot were you doing sitting on trumpet an cornet mouthpieces Hanna :shock: an mr Hamborg reckons i shuld go to chorley he ses it'd help me.
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