DLI contest results

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by michellegarbutt, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    Section B

    1st Durham Constabulary
    2nd Billingham Silver
    3rd Bearpark & Esh

    Best March Durham Constabulary
    Best Soloist Bearpark & Esh
    Best 4th Section Durham Constabulary

    Section A

    1st BHK Ltd. Horden
    2nd Felling
    3rd Spennymoor Town

    Best March BHK Horden
    Best Soloist BHK Horden
  2. linz_horn

    linz_horn New Member

    I just want to say a big Congrats to Durham Constabulary on your win today. Ironic we swapped places with you from yesterdays results at Ripon.
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