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  1. Just Crazy

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    Is there anyone out there who has complteted a divorce without the aid of solicitor?

    I need your help if so!
  2. Chunky

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    Have just sent you a PM!
  3. hellyfrost

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    My mum got a pack from tesco.com and did it all herself. Honest! You can get a divorce from Tesco!
    It was fairly easy because they didn't have anything to split in terms of custody or assets - Mum sold the house and paid Dad off at an agreed price and let him keep his pension! :p - but the self-completion packs aren't recommended for anyone with assets or kids under 16! Good luck!
  4. simonbassbone

    simonbassbone Member

    Agree with the above. I know someone who did it themselves and saved a fortune:clap: . But be very careful if 1, you have children, 2, you've got a lot of assests or 3, you ex is using a Solicitor.
    Most Solicitors will do a Fixed Fee interview as a one off for a nominal fee if you ask for one, and you might be able to get some good advice for less than the cost of a contest ticket;)
  5. 2nd man down

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    I got an internet divorce! My ex sorted it out, she downloaded the forms, we both filled them in, had them witnessed by a solicitor, sent them back, cost us both about £80 and about 6 weeks corresponding. It was made much easier because we split amicably and nothing was contested and we'd agreed all the T's & C's between us before we downloaded a single form.

    As far as I know she downloaded the forms from the first link that came up having typed "online divorce" in to Google.