Divertimento - Bryan Kelly...what a little cracker!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Andy_Euph, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Andy_Euph

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    Just listening to this on the area cd and i've got to say its a cracker of a testpiece, nice tunes in it (even if some sound a little corny :p )...and the intermezzo is gorgeous with a super climax... just hope the bands can do it justice.

    A good choice, lots of music but also loads of intonation traps by the sounds of it...if your playing it good luck :)
  2. Ffion Flugel

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    It's brilliant, isn't it. I love the march, cross between Star Trek and Pines of Rome.
  3. jpbray

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    We have just had a run through of Divertimento, and its going to be a good peice to work up for the fourth section. The key signatures are straight forward and the tempo of the piece is at a nice pace. However, a lot concentration is going to be needed on the rhythm and the changing time signatures, plenty of counting; which is a good exercise for lower section bands. All in all a good test.
  4. ian perks

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    I totaly agree with you here in fact all of the area tests are good for the bands this year for both to play and more important AUDIENCE FRIENDLY(ie Plenty of bottoms on seats to listen to bands play)
    I would not moan at whatever piece/ section i was playing in, this year and for the last few years as been first section:)
  5. McEuphie

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    Hi folks

    Have to agree with comments so far, Divertimento is a great piece and will test the bands - especially keeping to tempos, something that Mount Charles (surprisingly) didn't quite manage on the CD!

    Anyway good luck to all.

  6. robbie

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    I gotta say I think its a great piece to listen to, I only got a copy of it the other day coz I'm helping the Barnton Band out 4 Preston and the area..... yet to play it though, but sounds like it will be a good 1 to play.
    Anyway good luck to everyone whos at Preston!
  7. Brian

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    I remember working on this piece some years ago in the 2nd section and it tested them.It is going to be very difficult at 4th section level, especially in the sections that are very thinly scored, nerves will play a big part in these sections.Balance of sections and overall dynamic levels as well as tuning which at this level can be a big problem
  8. brassneck

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  9. Pythagoras

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    Really enjoying Divertimento. Lots of exposed bits in it, which is really testing for 4th section. Not looking forward to the pp stacatto quaver on bass which is how the second movement ends.
  10. alks

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    Yeah, Divertimento is great, we are playing at band at the moment , however we are not contesting at present...bummer.

    It seams to me that year on year the lower section tests are the best to listen to .....looking at the previous few years regionals cds, you find that the most listenable ones (for your average audience) are Northern landscapes(3rd, 2003), partita(4th, 04) and this years pieces for both the lower two sections. The higher section stuff just doesnt seam to stick in memory....??? does anyone else agree??