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    Look what I found here. This should provide a comment or two. Are you game?

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    I have to say...I think Mr. Mead is on to something here...but I wouldn't fork over 70 quid for an MSN lesson (and that might be saying a bit, as I've spent a good deal of money on banding over the years). I just think the sound quality is too poor to get substantial feedback.

    That being said...I do think there is a market for distance learning. I would see it more as "here is our bands latest recording of a concert/ or rehearsal run through of a test piece" for 70 quid...what do you tyhink we need to work on, and how can we work on it.
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    Technology is being very widely used in learning - it's what pays my mortgage these days!
    Other related examples I know of include a colleague who is learning Cantonese where a weekly podcast is part of the course and another language training course which uses blended solutions of distance learning books & web based materials coupled with weekly telephone calls.
    This is the first time I have heard of instrumental lessons over the web though. Whilst someone like Steve can pre-record examples which can be streamed at CD quality, the student is unlikely to be able to match that quality and a vital part of the student/tutor interraction might be lost. Don't forget of course that using a telephone instead of web based audio might also be an option.
    I could see web based tools working well in other musical areas - for example, some of our resident Sibelius gurus could run classes on how to use Sibelius or Finale which could be run as a classroom event over the web using tools such as Centra (a virtual classroomtool with VOIP) or Microsoft Live Meeting (similar but less functionality and no VOIP). I have used these tools extensively in teaching IT systems to remote users and they do work quite well.
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    Pat has hit it onthe head regarding sound quality. It is dependent on how good systems are for teacher/pupil for accurate feedback or anything that is 'timbre' related may be lost in communication. I will be intrigued to learn if this daring project will be successful or not! Full marks for Steven Mead exploiting a niche in the market.
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    I am aware that Rod Franks gave lessons to Scottish kids on one of the Western Isles over the web last year. It was reported on a radio news programme up here.
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    I often deliver training courses using web based technology. Have delivered using this method to delegates in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the USA. Seems to work very well in some regards, and not so well in others.