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Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by John Brooks, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. John Brooks

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    It must be one of the best kept secrets.........Melbourne Staff Band are currently visiting Ontario. Last night they performed in Guelph, a city less than 30 miles from my home. How do I know this? Why, from a visit to the MSB website. If this concert was promoted here at all, it must have been in a corridor located in the "Department of Mines". My daughter is still active in the S.A. and, as of around 4.00pm yesterday she also didn't know the location or time of the concert. I didn't go and wonder how many others missed this event because it was a deep dark secret.

    I also understand that the location of the Toronto concert this weekend was changed due to low ticket sales. I wonder why?

    I'm not a little disappointed.
  2. brassneck

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    Strange one this ... surely the MSB were visiting as guests of the Ontario/Canadian SA? Why wouldn't the hosts help promote the concerts?
  3. John Brooks

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    My point exactly.
    I even subscribed to an e-mail alert service introduced earlier this year to replace the hardcopy of Theme Magazine. It's supposed to notify subscribers when new information is posted to the music department website. Nothing received.
  4. brassneck

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    Such a pity ... it's a long way to travel to see a concert stopped for lack of ticket sales! :frown:
  5. cujo_134

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    I think one of the reasons for the lack of sales at the big venue in Toronto was the price. Tickets were to cost $25, which is quite expensive compared to what they are charging now that it's at Scarborough which is only 10. I think they also panick early as I know alot of people who are going but are buying the tickets at the door. I missed last night's performance due to a night class, but I'm looking forward to the Saturday concert, especially to have a first listen to the revamped CSB.
  6. Jules Cornet

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    So guys,

    Did you go to this concert?
    What was the crowd like in the end?
    Tell me about the revamped CSB.

    Abundant Blessings

    Jules Cornet
  7. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    I didn't hear them at all. Had to participate in a wedding on the weekend. My daughter went and she thought they were outstanding. Very different second half with choreographed movement while playing; apparently very effective.

    Haven't heard the new CSB yet either.
  8. Redhorn

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  9. cujo_134

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    I have to say that I really enjoyed the concert on Saturday. I watched those Youtube videos and if you go by that than I would agree with the embarrassing comment. However, the second half as a whole with their choreographed was amazing. It really added something to the music, some places was quite weird, but overall it was well done.
    The new CSB is looking very good. Brian Burditt will definitely do good things for the band. Not only is the band playing better already, but he has already started to plan new and innovative ideas for the coming season. Only good things to come I assume.
  10. Jules Cornet

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    Have there been a lot of personnel changes within the CSB?

  11. cujo_134

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    Somewhat. From what I remember (if anyone wants to correct me then feel free) but Added on Solo Cornet are Ron Heinzman (sp?) and Brindley Venables. Steve Mansfield has moved back to 1st cornet, and Serena Fisher has moved back to 2nd cornet. Rick Allignton is back on Solo Horn, Barrington Venables is playing 1st trombone and Phil Rayment is back on 2nd trombone. That's all I can remember, but they are back to a full band and are sounding much better.
  12. bassbonebroughton

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    I know this is a very late post in terms of the thread. But I just found the thread and would like to clear some things up about the MSB concert in Guelph. I attend Guelph Citadel and know the person who was responsible for the organization and promotion of the concert. Why you would not have necessarily heard of the concert from Sally Ann contacts is because we decided early on that this would be used as an outreach program. As such the promotion was put towards non-SA individuals. The person who did the organization and the promotion spent much time going to community band rehearsals in the area, going as far as the Stratford Concert Band to let people know of this. The concert was also promoted by Tom Quick on his radio program. There was some Sally Ann promotion, but it was pretty much just an individual in the corps band who volunteered to handle ticket sales at that corps. But again, the main focus of this was the non-SA crowd. And we did quite well at it, we had a good number of non-SA people, including some of the brass players from the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra. We also did a lot of advertising in the schools in Guelph. We even managed to get the MSB into 2 high schools in Guelph to perform programs. And for those who don't live in Canada, it is next to impossible to get permission to have a Christian group in a public school. So, in the eyes of those involved in the promotion it was an all out success. They managed to make some money for the band fund, but more importantly were able to use this visiting group as an effective outreach tool to the community.