Disappointing cd?

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    Attended the concert in Lancaster PA last night and they seemed to be selling well, although the band seemed concerned that they would sell out. Guess the new stock hadn't caught up with them yet.
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    The band actually ran out of Jubilee at the next concert in Columbus.
    The next stock 'pick up' was due in Indianapolis the day after Columbus.
    Indianapolis were asked to send this stock to Columbus but, unfortunately, they only sent 1 box from the consignment of 5 and this box didn't contain any copies of Jubilee!
    The remaining 4 boxes were collected in Indianapolis.
    Jubilee was sold out again at the bands' last venue in Rockford ensuring that they returned to the UK with no stock of this!
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    How many did you shift altogether?
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    I had the opportunity to hear the ISB on Saturday in Chicago, and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I have to join in the general praise here for "Glorifico Aeternum", which I thought was the high point of the program. I was sitting with several other members of PBB, and our concensus was that we'd like to see it on our stands sometime soon!

    Great sound from the ISB, and a great hall to hear them in (Orchestra Hall, the home of the CSO). Too bad that we don't get more chances to hear brass bands in venues like that. Something to work towards, I guess... :)

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    I won't tell you that, however we feel that sales on this particular ISB tour were boosted by several factors;
    1) An SP&S employee was taken on the trip to oversee all CD/DVD sales rather than a band member trying to do it.
    2) Credit cards were accepted.
    3) 14 different titles were available for purchase, not just the latest release.
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    What a fantastic venue to play in!
    We used the CSO changing rooms and I searched out the locker for the CSO tuba player, Gene Porkorny.
    Chris Moyse, one of our front row cornets, paid homage to the locker belonging to the legendary trumpet player Adolf Herseth!
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    I bought one of the remaingin 20 or so in Columbus. Maybe I live a sheltered life, or just like the more meelow and less bright sound of the SA bands, but I thought the CD was well worth the money.

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    Do you reckon shes actually a sales rep for Bose??!
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    Lol! :lol:
    Ouch Peter! She's gone full throttle to retaliate!!!! :?
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    Don't worry Peter. We'll all be your 'seconds' :wink: :D