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Discussion in 'tMP Site News & Suggestions' started by Alyn James, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Just logged on and found that "Back Row cornets" has disappeared from the Rehearsal Room....what happened?
    Was it pulled?
    Would it be an idea to leave an explanation (or at least a notice) in place of any thread which has been pulled?
  2. emziesonic

    emziesonic Member

    If you type it in the search bar bit you may find that the thread you are looking for is there ;)
  3. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    No he won't! ;)

    Alyn - you're right. The thread in question has been removed temporarily following a couple of complaints received via private messages - we may well reinstate it once we've come to a decision.

    Apologies for not posting that it has been moved, but I'm guessing the moderator who did move it acted quickly following the messages we received and perhaps did not have the time to notify you all.
  4. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    I did find the thread interesting from the point of view of how cornet sections should be arranged in terms of player ability and how to deal with moving people around, but also see why this particular thread has been temporarily removed. Perhaps a new, less personal and contentious thread needs to be started.
  5. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    or the existing one reinstated with the offending posts removed, which I hope is what will happen. Those people subscribed to the thread will probably know that the last reply contained some fairly insulting comments and I'm not surprised the mods needed to act quickly. Would be nice to see the discussion continue with the offending posts removed.
  6. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Cheers...mystery solved ;)....thanks guys.
  7. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    "Paganini Variations" has gone now.....What happened there, then? :icon_confused:
  8. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    I'm sorry, that thread was indeed removed. In fact, we should have intervened quicker, because a reference was made to an own choice test piece in a closed adjudication contest. That is against our forum rules.
    If you wnat to start a new thread to discuss this particular test piece, feel free to do so.


  9. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Just checked my emails and found that someone had posted on the "Where's JonP?" thread.
    I checked it out only to find that we seem to have another "disappeared" thread.
    What happened this time? Anything juicy?
  10. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Nothing for you to worry about. Someone thought they were being funny with a post, which prompted us to move the whole thread, as it has more than run it's course by now......................
  11. brasscrest

    brasscrest Active Member

    Yet again, the moderators have removed that thread. There had been at least one post that violated the tMP rules, and that the moderator who removed the thread thought that there was potential for more without any particular value to keeping the thread.

    For everyone's information - here's how this works.

    There is a private area on tMP that only the moderators and administrators can access. If there are questions about the propriety of a certain post or thread, a moderator may move the thread or post in question to that area so that the team can discuss it. Almost all decisions about permanently removing posts or threads are done via a consensus of the moderating team (except for things like obvious spam).

    In many cases, our attention is called to the possibly offending post/thread via the "report" feature - this is the best way to communicate with us if you think that there's something that needs our attention, as all of the team get the notification at the same time.

    In general, only things which violate the tMP rules will be permanently deleted. While the mod team doesn't always agree 100% about how the rules are interpreted, we feel that this system helps us to present a consistent and unified approach to the moderation of the forums.
  12. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Yeah...and a lot of people think JonP's now operating under the name of Splitzer so unless we hear owt to the contrary the mystery appears to be solved...Cheers. ;)
    (Personally, I don't subscribe to the Splitzer theory....the guy's spelling is too good :))
  13. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    I'm sure Jon has better things to do - he doesn't even get the time to post much on his own Facebook site.

    For the sake of one post you remove a whole thread? And then say it's run its course anyway? Take a look at how many other threads are still out there that have long since run their course!

    Most forums remove controvertial posts, not a whole thread - and I find comments like "nothing for you to worry about" somewhat patronising.
    If you had simply deleted the offending post, this discussion probably wouldn't be taking place. Sometimes, you are your own worst enemies.
  14. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Discussion is good, trolling is bad ;)
  15. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    so who's trolling? everyone on the thread that was deleted? or just the offending post? Or are you suggesting that I too am trolling on this one?
  16. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    No I'm not. Don't read anthing I didn't write
    I also used a smiley.
  17. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Whip woo......
  18. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    whip who?
  19. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    The troll...:rolleyes:

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