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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by GJG, Jun 4, 2008.

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    I've never used them but know some of their clients (one of whom is quoted positively on their website). That would be enough for me to want to find out more.

    Maybe you could buy one of the CDs from their online shop and listen to how the recording sounds?

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    Many thanks for the link to this company. I've looked at the website, listened to the examples (and those from one of the featured band's websites.) The discounted price is very tempting, but I'm having difficulty translating the package they offer to our (my band's) real situation. The main stumbling block for us would be the time allowed during the session. I know that more accomplished bands can and do produce releaseable material in a short time, but at the risk of our secretary's wrath, we (no names, no pack drill) would need more time. Also the company devote a fixed amount of time (within the package spec) to editing and mastering and so on. Again, depending on what we could give them during the recording session, we may require more time than this. (they may feel the same way, too!) There is more time available, but at a rather healthy hourly rate plus VAT. We would also need a producer to steer us through the process - I didn't see anything about that. It's great that a company is taking the initiative in this way and offering a prescribed level of service at a tempting price, but perhaps the package specification is aimed at more confident, accomplished performers?
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    I agree entirely. It was also my initial reaction (apart from wondering whether anyone knew of them), not only considering the amount of time needed to "get it right", but also thinking in terms of stamina, particularly from the point of view of soprano/upper cornet players. Not only is it a big ask for a lower section band to put down 60-70 minutes worth of music in eight hours, but how many lower section bands have the stamina to physically be able to do eight hours fairly intensive playing in one day?

    No doubt the more experienced top section bands would be able to cope, but I have my doubts as to whether most lower section bands would cope.

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