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  1. grandfilth

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    I'm currently studying engineering at UMIST. I play the t horn, and am abit worried about the t horn players I know from NYBB who are at the Northern, becoming even more awesome than they already are!I feel like i'm at a disadvantage, does anyone think that doing a diploma would help me? Has anyone out there done one who can give me some advice?I am getting half an hour a week lessons at the RNCM free from UMIST, but am worried I may be falling behind....
  2. Rambo Chick

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    erm...aren't you the guy who is one of the brass finalists for Young Musician of the Year? if so id probably say you are pretty good and don't need to worry!!!!
  3. Mike Saville

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    It's how you play rather than the bits of paper you have that count. Several top pros don't have any certificates/diplomas. Rather than take the diploma you could better spend your money by having a couple of lessons from a top players.

    . . . . of course if you want to teach in the future then that bit of paper with 'Diploma' on it is a very useful thing indeed . . . .
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    I recently took my diploma (aged 32) because it forced me to practice and it also forced me to learn some new solos that were not standard Air Varies. After about 12 years of not practicing, I am suddenly a far more secure player in the extremities of the range and extremities of dynamics. I also took a few lessons in the build up which helped me in knowing what aspects of my playing I had neglected. Would definitely recommend it - get my results next week!
  5. Aidan

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    :D don't forget your nybb pals from salford too *ahem* ;)
    you're so self-conscious pannel! Nowt to worry about mate, You'll be more than keeping up with Owen taking you.
    See you at Preston for a few rounds of "Girl from Glamorgan" :)
  6. grandfilth

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    Look forward to it. What's all this about you being a pal?!Incedently, just in passing Leslie Howie is teaching me, its well good. If you can't be completely self-conscious noone else will do it 4 ya!BTW did u ever get to solo horn on NYBB?
  7. Aidan

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    heh only for that last rep day after owen asked me what i was doin on 1st, and i said dunno. hehe :)
    ah rite. yeah lesley is a good teacher. She's doing nybb now as well i think.pal is what you call people who you hate but just want to be polite i think. ;) see you sunday... pal.
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    Yeah i know what you mean, i'm not doing music and although i have a few lessons my enthusiasm is lacking now i'm feeling like i've got nothing to work towards. Someone mentioned diplomas to me a while ago, anyone out there got any advice?