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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Farmer Giles, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Farmer Giles

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    hi all

    one of my old banding mates from down south has come to me with a bit of a dilema, and i'm wondering if you can help.

    i'm posting as she doesn't have internet access at the mo.

    she is currently playing 2nd cornet with a tidy 2nd section band, but has been asked to join a very good 4th section band (should be 3rd section) on solo cornet.

    is dropping 2 sections worth the promotion ?

  2. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I moved from 3rd man down at Ashington to play rep in the 4th section then after a week I was on Principal and now I'm back on rep and we have finally made promotion. I didn't mind but sometimes I feel like I've made the wrong decision because my playing standard has dropped dramatically and it can get a bit tedious. However, I'm sure it can be like that at times in any band you play in and I enjoy the fact our band is stable and improving together so my advice would be to look beyond the seat and decide if the band overall is generally the better band for them to enjoy banding for example, the social life, choice of pieces. You can always dep for other bands like I do for a challenge now and again.
  3. Di

    Di Active Member

    It depends. Is she happy with her current band. Does she have a lot of friends there? You need to be happy in a position and with those around you to enjoy doing what you do.
  4. persins

    persins Member


    I've done it both ways! I was playing on the back row for a 1st section band but then decided to drop a section for a front row position to improve my general technical ability. It so happened that I also found a much better social band because of it and never looked back. So that was a success.

    I then moved to a Championship section band but played back row once again and found that initially it was again, another step up. It is however, very easy to get used to a certain part and therefore lose the challenge or the motivation to continue to improve but generally, if you are happy in the band and playing to an acceptable level with those around you it doesn't matter that much. I have still learnt so much more being around the championship level because the other players realise that every part is important and specialist in it's own right.

    In my experience, it is better to challenge yourself at the highest level because there is always something to learn and something to strive for but there is nothing wrong with dropping a section to give you experience at a different part or extra challenge!

  5. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Depends what your freind wants from her banding. I dropped from Championship section to second section but knew I had the chance to do some teaching / sectionals / conducting etc which made the move worth while. In two years the band have become 1st section area champs and I am loving my time there. It is more than just the parts you get to play, i spend a lot of time bored out my mind in rehearsal as we go over and over the same things but it is nicely balanced with the perks of being more involved in the band running, progression and preparation. If she just wants to make music then will she take more satisfaction playing back row in harder pieces in a 2nd section (better) band or front row in lesser performances?

    Hope that makes sense
  6. vonny

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    I feel that 'sections' is irrelevant when deciding what band to play for. Initially it might be that you are an excellent player so you want to play in the top section bands. What happens though if you decide to play in a top section band and you become unhappy... Is it worth staying?

    When i returned into banding almost 2 years ago i joined a 3rd section band on rep. At the next rehearsal i was asked if i would like to play 4th man down which i was happy to do, and did for a few weeks. However at a concert i was asked if i minded playing 3rd cornet.. I liked it so much that i asked if i could remain on that part. A few weeks later i went on to play 2nd cornet until i moved on to another band. It wasn't that i was unhappy that i moved, i was happy, i just didn't find playing 2nd cornet challenging enough. I then went on to play in another 3rd section band where i played 2nd man down and continued for 6 months. An opportunity arisen for me to join a 2nd section band on solo cornet 3 where i currently am. I find sometimes that it is particulary challenging, but i feel that my previous experiences have assisted me greatly. Most importantly is that i am happy where i am...

    I would say to your mate that if she is happy playing 2nd where she is then she should stay put. However if she is wanting 'change' then go for it whether the band is 2nd section or 4th section!!

    Yvonne x
  7. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    I would say it depends on what your friend wants out of banding. I wouldnt worry too much about the section aspect, besides any band can progress through the sections under the right conditions!! etc. Is your friend happy where they are apart form their position in band? Is there promotion opportunities within their current band?
    Its a tough one that your friend really needs to weigh up carefully!!! sorry i cant be of much more use!
  8. Richard_Brigg

    Richard_Brigg Member

    I believe that a back row cornet player is a back row cornet player, and that a front row cornet player is a front row cornet player.

    Both back row and front row require different styles of playing.

    A talented front row player does not neccessarily make a good back row player, and vice versa.

  9. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    Quite agree in most cases, but there are some exceptions
  10. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    If the 2nd Section band was strong (for 2nd sc) then there could be a pretty big gap in general standard. A good 2nd section band when being stretched could be playing pieces where the backrow could get some tricky bits (certainly in comparison to lower down the sections). If the 4th section band is quite weak it might turn out that most of the music isn't actually that much more challenging on a personal level for the player as the majority of the band can't cope with more difficult pieces. I would say it depends what they want from banding, what part they are happy playing and the actual standard of the bands - there could perhaps only be a maginal difference in actual standard.

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