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    I'm keen to understand the do's and dont's on recordings .....couple of question to those who have done recordings:

    - is putting a cd on iTunes expensive? I'm presume a % of each sale as aposed to one off fee
    - if I created a download capability on the band website like amazon/iTunes does copyright come into play?

    the world is digital now so want to make it easy to purchase our recording as well as hard CDs,

    thanks for any advice
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    You'll need to obtain a mechanical license for each piece you intend to record (technically, you need to have the license before you make the recording) and you'll need to pay royalties on every CD/track (8% of gross revenue per track, minimum £0.04 per download, for digital distribution; 8.5% of the publisher dealer price, ex VAT and other taxes, for CDs and other physical media).